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  • February 5, 2022
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IASbaba's Interview Program, Important Updates
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Dear Freinds,

Courage is the strength shown by a person in the case of adversity. We can’t have a better word to define the candidates who appeared for the mains exam this year but were courageous. With all the threats of pandemics, having the courage to concentrate on your goal and appearing for the exam itself deserve a pat on the back. So, you all are already a winner.

However, the process is not over, and you are very close to achieving success. So, this is not the time for you to slack off. Just boot up and move forward for the next step of your journey – The Personal Interview or the Personality Test.

This brings us to the question that ‘What does it take to improve your personality for the interview conducted by UPSC?’ Is it even possible to change one’s personality over a short duration of time? After all, one’s persona is an aggregate of his/her upbringing and life! Can it be transformed in a matter of weeks to perform well in the interview?

We have been asked the question year after year by hundreds of students. We understand that to improve one’s chances of qualifying the civil services exam, it is critical to perform well in the personality test. However, the students get into a different kind of mindset right after the main exam is over. They think that a huge burden is over and they get in the zone of complacency. The idea that now is the time to rest is very dangerous as you have to run faster right before the finish line. This is where many students diminish their chances of success. And the time to sharpen your personality is lost.

While we accept that it is difficult to change the personality traits of candidates in a matter of weeks or days, we also believe that with the help of certain tools and techniques, it is possible to dramatically increase one’s chance in the civil services personality test. What you need is the polishing of the rough edges of your personality. It is important that you prepare in a comprehensive manner, taking into account each component of the personality test. Polishing of rough edges does not mean that you need to fake your personality traits but to enhance the good traits so that examiners can acknowledge that.

Before you start your journey, please understand that your personality is composed of many aspects – your confidence, knowledge, way of talking, ability to handle pressure, being precise in your response, even your way of seating, and so on. While preparing for the personality test, it is critical that you focus on each of these components. We are happy that we have an initiative that places you in the right spot with respect to your preparation.

IASbaba’s Interview Mentorship Programme (IMP) is the most comprehensive initiative for the personality test. The program has helped many previous year rankers to qualify for the Civil Services Exam. We have designed IMP in such a way that it is not just a ritual that has to be done by the aspirants but personal attention will be given to each and every candidate and guidance will be provided according to the individual needs of the candidates. Following the feedback of the toppers is a testimony of that.

IMP is built on the following pillars:

  1. DAF Sessions: Dedicated sessions by previous year toppers, Ex Bureaucrats, Mohan Sir to help you with the detailed application form, with particular focus on the selection of services, cadre preference, hobbies, achievements, extracurricular activities, etc.
  2. Panel Mocks: An expert panel of retired and serving civil servants, subject matter experts, and other distinguished personalities from varied fields to give you a near real feel of the interview board, complemented with detailed feedback and recordings.
  3. One to One Mocks & Mentorship with Mohan Sir: A wonderful opportunity to get a detailed assessment of your answers and preparation by none other than Mohan Sir, who is hugely popular among interview candidates for his succinct and precise analysis and boosting the interview scores by a significant margin and helped a lot of them achieve a 190+ Score. One on one discussion with Mohan sir is the most important aspect of the IMP as Sir identifies the issues in your preparation and guides you to fill those loopholes.
  4. DAF Questionnaire: Detailed discussion on your DAF with particular stress on probable questions and focus areas. The DAF discussion helps you analyze your DAF and expect probable questions in the interview and be prepared to face such questions. The mentor will help you generate a question bank covering your native place and state, educational background, work experience, hobbies, accomplishments, etc.
  5. Current Affairs: Current issues are the most important domain from which Panel members ask the questions. You must have studied Current Affairs for your mains and prelims however, the orientation of questions in the interview is different. In order to tackle this, highly focussed sessions will be conducted to give you an analytical perspective on important current affair topics to prepare you for facing questions by the interview board. Schedule for Special Current Affairs Session – DOWNLOAD
  6. Open Mocks: A unique technique developed by IASbaba that can do wonders for your confidence. In this process, Mock interviews are conducted in front of other candidates. Observing others giving their interview helps you understand the common mistakes to be avoided in front of the board. Open mocks help you develop the right attitude to be carried to the interview.
  7. Think, Rethink and Perform (TRP): A biweekly initiative meant to serve as the regular dose of self-assessment through probing questions on your personality, along with analytical questions on current affairs to keep you on toes for your preparation. To Know more about TRP – CLICK HERE

We believe that IMP with its ingredients can dramatically enhance your chances. The trick is to start early and start strongly. Our team is working really hard to make IMP your best companion. Please join us to start a challenging yet exciting journey towards success.

Those who are interested in the IMP Programme, please fill out the Registration Form below:



Students, who have filled the Registration Form, can use the DISCUSSION ROOMS at Bengaluru, Delhi and Lucknow Centres. The Discussion Rooms will be specially reserved for interview purposes.

Also, to make the discussion more streamlined, a mentor will oversee the discussions.

For further queries with regard to the interview, you can mail us at imp@iasbaba.com or call us on 80770 36613 (10 am to 5:30 pm). 

All the Best

IASbaba Team

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