[UPSC 2022 MAINS] Toppers’ Recommended TLP+ 2022 Mains Test Series cum Mentorship Program – Starts 13th June!

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  • June 8, 2022
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Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort

Over the years, IASbaba’s TLP+ initiative has become synonymous with success. We are happy to announce the next cycle of TLP+ for Mains 2022. In this brief write up, we touch upon the factors that make TLP+ an indispensable tool in your preparation kitty for Mains.

The importance of answer writing practice can’t be stressed much. As a sincere aspirant, you already know this. But what sort of practice do you need? One obvious answer is to join a test series. But there are many test series out there.

Why should you select IASbaba’s TLP+ over others?

Well, the answer is simple – quality. Creating a set of questions isn’t a big deal. Anyone can do that. Just pick random statements from newspaper articles and add directive phrases to it, like ‘critically comment’ or ‘evaluate’. In our assessment, we have found this to be the case with most test series available in the market. As you can judge yourself, creating 10 or 15 such tests won’t take much effort or time. But do they really prepare you for the real exam? Do they help you succeed? Of course not. UPSC is a premiere institute and to even match its standard of questions requires thorough research of past trends.

We at IASbaba do that. We invest a lot of time and effort in understanding the evolving expectations of UPSC over the years. We frame questions with two objectives in mind.

  • First, we frame questions in a way that tests your preparation the way UPSC does. The testimonials of our toppers vouch for the high standard and quality of TLP Plus.
  • Second, we try our best to pose questions that have a high likelihood of being asked in the Mains exam.
  • We are really proud that we have been consistently achieving high hit ratio (more than 70%) for the past 6 years.

Answering TLP+ questions require you to prepare extensively for the topics being tested. We give a micro plan to impart a sense of direction and purpose to your preparation. Once you have written the test, we share high quality synopsis for your reference. The subject experts at IASbaba evaluate your answers and provide detailed feedback and specific pointers for improving your performance. We take special interest in understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, you don’t get generic feedback from us. Rather we share highly customised feedback, suited to your answer writing style and needs. This is a unique feature of TLP+. We believe in investing on each member of the TLP Plus family. We deeply care for your success.

Knowing where you stand in your preparation is really important. With each test of TLP+, you can assess your own performance. Our goal is to ensure that you are able to experience a marked improvement in your answers when you write the final test with us. Therefore, we expect you to pay heed to our feedback and work on the areas pointed out by the evaluators. Make each test of TLP+ as a benchmark for the next one. Keep improving and keep learning in the process.

The dust of Prelims has settled and it is high time to buckle up for Mains. With the right schedule, practice and evaluation of TLP Plus, you can go that extra mile to ensure your entry into the PDF that calls you for the Personality Test. Are you ready to take that step? We are.

What Toppers Say?


This is one of the Most Intensive and Comprehensive Answer Writing Program of IASbaba, designed with some unique features exclusively for UPSC Mains 2022 keeping the paucity of time between Prelims and Mains in mind.

MOST COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM – is a MAINS Mentorship-Based Answer Writing Program for those appearing for UPSC Mains 2022. There are 24 Full-Length Tests (8 Full-Length Sectional Tests and 8 Full-Length Mock Tests and 6 Essay Tests) and 2 Ethics (GS4) Exclusive TestsAll the Tests are for 250 Marks, 3 hours Duration and these tests are flexible!

ONE-ON-ONE MENTORSHIP – One-to-One personal guidance and feedback. Each evaluated copy is discussed in detail by your mentor, who will help you in identifying your strengths and weakness and give you the right direction.

DETAILED EVALUATION OF ALL TESTS & RANKING – Detailed and Timely Evaluation and Ranking to be done and list to be published for both Online and Offline Combined. If Answer Copies are submitted on the same day or within 24 hours of the exam, it will be evaluated and given before the next test. For others, copies will be given within a maximum of 7 Days.

DETAILED SYNOPSIS – How to Approach the questions based on the demand of the question will be mentioned in the Synopsis. There will be a special emphasis on approach to analytical questions and alternative introductions one can come up with, to the same question. All the important pointers will be given along with value addition.

DISCUSSION SESSIONS/VIDEOS – Every Test will be followed by a discussion session/video where all the questions will be discussed.

MAINSPEDIA – Mainspedia is a  one of its kind initiatives where we declutter the most important editorials across national dailies to bring you relevant and ready ‘Introductions’, ‘Conclusions’, ‘facts’, ‘data’ in tabular form. The Mainspedia Articles in the Answer Writing Format (Introduction, Body, Conclusion).

SEPERATE PLATFORM (ONLINE STUDENTS) – A Separate platform has been designed for ONLINE students. Tests will be uploaded on this Platform on the day of the exam and you will be given a time domain to write and upload your answer sheets. Evaluated answer sheets will be uploaded back on your profile before the next scheduled test, provided you are submitting the Answer copies within 24 hours. This will help us in timely evaluation and publication of Offline + Online Ranking.

SPECIAL EMPHASIS ON ETHICS and ESSAY – A special focus will be given on ESSAY and ETHICS through discussion videos so that you are confident enough to tackle any question in the exam hall. More than 12 Essay Themes (Philosophical, Environment, Women etc.) will be discussed. A Total of 24 Essays will be discussed across all themes.

NOTE – The Program will start from 13th June, 2022 (Monday). This program is available in both ONLINE and OFFLINE (DELHI, BANGALORE, LUCKNOW) mode.

How Evaluation, and 1-on-1 Mentorship works in TLP+ 2022

There are Four Modules available in TLP+ Mains Test Series 2022


Exclusive Ethics Test Series

6,000 /- Including GST
  • Detailed Evaluation, Synopsis and Video Discussion Sessions
  • Timely Evaluation

Exclusive Essay Test Series

6,000 /- Including GST
  • Detailed Evaluation and Video Discussion Sessions
  • Timely Evaluation

Ethics & Essay Test Series

10,000 /- Including GST
  • Detailed Evaluation and Video Discussion Sessions
  • Timely Evaluation

Please bear in mind that there is no shortcut to success. You will have to toil hard (but smartly) to achieve what you want. TLP is a tool that will help you move with conviction and confidence. The synopsis, feedback and individual mentorship are integral elements of TLP. These are designed to enhance your understanding and make you study in a smarter and more efficient way. If you follow TLP with full sincerity, we can ensure your success.

Looking forward to have you on board on this wonderful journey for the next few months


Email IDsupport@iasbaba.com

Contact No.: 9169191888 (10 AM – 6 PM) Please do not make calls before or after the given timing.

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