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What is Fiberisation?

  • The process of connecting radio towers with each other via optical fibre cables is called fiberisation.
  • It helps provide full utilisation of network capacity, and carry large amounts of data once 5G services are rolled out.
  • Aid in providing additional bandwidth and stronger backhaul support
  • Fibre-based media, commonly called optical media, provides almost infinite bandwidth and coverage, low latency and high insulation from interference.
  • With 5G, it will also be necessary to increase the density of mobile towers to provide better coverage to consumers and businesses. This calls for increased requirements for fibre deployment.

The Challenges

  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra of India, in his 2020 Independence Day speech, laid out the vision to connect every village in the country with optical fiber cable (OFC) in 1,000 days.
  • To reach the targeted level of fiberisation, India requires about ₹2.2 lakh crore of investment to help fiberise 70% towers.
  • There is also a need to increase data capacity in the fiberised towers.
  • These tower sites which are connected via fibre are called fibre point of presence (POP). Currently these fibre POPs at a tower site can handle data at one to five Gbps speed.
  • One of the biggest issues in the way of fiberisation remains the Right of Way (RoW) rules. While all States/UTs are required to implement these rules, they are not in complete alignment and still require certain amendments to align.

Way Forward

  • DoT’s GatiShakti Sanchar online portal can simplify RoW approvals and help deploy cables for 5G.
  • Satellite communication also can facilitate 5G broadband connectivity to areas where it is not feasible to deploy terrestrial infrastructure like remote villages, islands or mountainous regions


  • The right of way (RoW) rules provide for a framework to give approvals and settle disputes in a time-bound manner, as well as improve coordination between companies and government authoritie

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Source: The Hindu

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