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  • IAS baba
  • December 4, 2022
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What can meditation do to you?

As of now, your life is clouded by desires, expectations of the future, and multitudes of thought processes. What meditation does is introduce you to your own thought process. Most of the time our thoughts are simply happening in the background and we don’t even notice.

When you sit, close your eyes, and consciously try to meditate, you’re entering a totally new universe.  It’s your universe. You’re entering it, and you’re looking at all these thought processes from a very personal point of view.

You’re connecting with those, and that is when you will begin to realize that although these thoughts appear to be random, they’re all happening to you. This means they should have some personal connection to you.

I don’t simply attract thought processes like electrical impulses or like radio signals from existence. There is a definite pattern to my thought process, and it is deeply connected to me. It is connected to my upbringing, my childhood, my favorite color, my experiences with people, my likes and desires, and my dreams. A day will come when you will realize, If all my thoughts are a part of my dream, then what is the world? What is the universe? What are people?

You will begin to realize that everything that you call “your life” is actually happening in your thought process. Perception is happening in your thought process; it’s all happening internally. What meditation does is introduce you to this world without altering anything. It will help you to understand your thought process; to understand, Why am I thinking this? Why are these thoughts so repetitive? Why did I fall into this trap of the same kind of thought process? How do I gain control of my thoughts? 

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