New Initiative: IASbaba’s Daily Current Affairs

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  • June 23, 2015
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IASbaba's Daily Current Affairs Analysis, UPSC
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New Initiative: IASBaba’s Daily Current Affairs


Today, we are glad to announce our much awaited initiative- ‘IASBaba’s Daily Current Affairs’. The significance of Current Affairs in UPSC Examination has only increased over the years. Going through the previous year’s Mains papers, one can easily understand the relevance of it. However, the most important thing to consider is “How to prepare for Current Affairs from both the Prelims and Mains perspective?”

In IASBaba’s Daily Current Affairs, we will come up with important issues to be covered in a comprehensive manner. It is very important to understand that preparing for current affairs doesn’t imply that you make notes of each and every news you come across. You have to prepare smartly as this is not the only part that needs your energy and time. In a smart and intelligent way, you can keep yourself updated.

The Focus of IASBaba’s Daily Current Affairs will be on ISSUES rather than NEWS.

A common mistake made by many aspirants is that they have a disconnected approach to their preparation, while the need is an integrated approach towards Prelims and Mains. This will make your preparation effective and productive.  Also go through the syllabus thoroughly; else you will focus on irrelevant issues and end-up reading a newspaper for 3-4 hours !


How is IASbaba’s Current Affairs presented?

Each article/issue will be analysed under 3 headings

  • News/Issue
  • Background information about an issue
  • Connecting the Dots

Connecting the dots helps you to look at an issue from multi dimensions. Apart from understand an issue separately; you can also connect various other relevant/related issues to the one under consideration. For instance in the below example:

News Title: Moving from Cash to Card payment: Why is it a win-win situation for all?

Using this approach you can connect the above news/issue with various other aspects like-

  • How black money circulation impacts social and economical of a nation?
  • What are the other ways of curbing Black Money? What are the steps taken by the government in this regard?
  • Other issues related to it like Money laundering, GAAR General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR).


The last two year’s UPSC question paper presents a clear picture on how relevant current affairs is? Especially with respect to Paper 2 and Paper 3.

Almost 90% of the questions asked could be answered from current affairs alone, if one has studied it carefully and smartly. Let us take an example from previous year paper-2014


Instances of President’s delay in commuting death sentences have come under public debate as denial of justice. Should there be a time limit specified for the President to accept/reject such petitions? Analyse. 2014


This question, though requires basic understanding of Indian Polity and powers related to President but the issue was quite prevalent in 2014 due to Bhullar Death Sentence and commutation of Death sentence by Supreme Court of India citing delay. Many articles were published in Editorial and Opinion in various newspapers.

Now, to write an effective answer to this question, one needs to understand the issue. There is no denying that you might have prepared or read about it while preparing Polity. But when it comes to answering the question, it becomes very difficult for many aspirants to put their thoughts in the given time constraint. Additionally, if you develop the habit of relating static part with current affairs then Mains preparation becomes easy.

Keeping all the above aspects in mind, we have come up with this initiative which will help you in understanding an issue comprehensively. Along with this, IASbaba will start a initiative named THINK and LEARN, where all Mains related issues will be covered in Questions/Answer format. Hence these two initiatives will be dedicated towards Current AffairsIssue based preparation and analysis.


Please feel free to share your thoughts about our work and initiatives! Your valuable comments and feedback is the only motivating factor for our Team. Thank You 🙂


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