UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (13): Agam Jain (Rank 133) CSE- 2015

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  • May 21, 2016
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UPSC Interview Preparation, UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT- 2015
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Name:- Agam Jain

Qualification:- (Mangalayatan university, Aligarh )

Optional:- History

Disclaimer– It’s not the exact transcript. For that is known only to kevali.

-the sentences in double brackets (like this (() depicts the inner voice of mine at the time of giving answers.

-I have not written all answers. Have just mentioned the trends..

Chairman -( my interview language was Hindi but he asked in English)
Q. You are fresh graduate; tell me how you will use engineering in the administration. ((Shit. why you asked me to write as medium of interview when you still have to ask in English))
A. I could use in it many ways as it provided me with logical reasoning and concept based understanding. I could use it in implementation of e governance, digital literacy etc. ((what the hell am i speaking))

Q. I could teach a person about e governance in 1-2 months. What’s the specialty in engineer? ((Nothing. engineers sucks))
A. We would have the basic understanding of these programs so if any new challenge emerges, we would be more able to handle it.

Q. There is one large scale integration and vlsi. What is the difference?
A. Both use integrated circuits but the quantity on vlsi is larger.

Q. How many are there in vlsi. ((Who cares))
A. Don’t know exact figure but in millions.

Q. What is micro Chip.
A. It is sort of microprocessor having its own ALU and control unit which decides output of function.

Q. Recently, Nuclear supply summit took place in USA. Obama criticised India and Pakistan. What was the matter and is criticizing correct.
A. He criticised because of more safety issues in the region regarding nuclear arsenal. The terrorist activities and ISIS are more dominating here and India and Pakistan haven’t taken enough measures.

Q. So was he right?
A. No sir. It might be said about Pakistan but India is more reliable and that’s why it had us nuclear deal. But at the same time, Russia and USA should also limitize their weaponry as those are large arsenals.

Q. No, that wasn’t exact issue for criticising.  *then he explained something I didn’t understand and just said thank you sir *

Member 1-
Q. Heard of gagan. ((Who asks such specific questions))
A. Not exactly able to recall it but can guess about it.

Q. Yes.
A. It is something GPS related service provided for (pause) various services. ((i would laugh at myself after this ridiculous answer))

Q. Is it kind of spy satellite.
A. No. Facilitative sort of.

Q. What sort of facilities.
A. Don’t know.

Q. Heard of atc.
A. No.

Q. Air traffic Control.  What is it?
A. Explained in haphazard manner.

Q. Is pilot alone handling all the communications of flight. ((No. air hostesses cheer him up))
A. Black box is there to store and connect to ground.

Q. I am not asking about that.  How pilot her information about where to go, altitude etc. ((ask pilot. what is making you to ask me all this shit))
A. Don’t know.

Q. If a flight is going between Delhi to Chennai. Who will give information to it. Delhi station or Chennai. ((oh come on. water is flowing overhead))
A. I think the hand off used to take place between various stations according to plane distance. (i guess this was wrong answer)

Q. *Then explained gagan a bit for my kind information. * ((as if I care))

Q. (Now in Hindi) which ministry takes care of art and culture the most in India.
A. Pause…. Mhrd. ((this was the worst answer from my part))

Q. But it takes care of education mostly. Is there any ministry of culture?
A. Yes sir. There is. That takes care of all this.

Q. Name some autonomous institutions which are helped by govt in this field.
A. National school of drama. Sahitya academy and Gyanpeeth award and other states based institutions.

Q. No. On central level.
Q. Ok. Fine. You told some names. Should govt interfere in art and culture.

explained nicely with example. ((So something is finally going my way))

Member 2
Q. History repeats itself. Explain what had been repeated in modern history out of ancient and medieval history.
A. Explained nicely. ((Kindly remain on history. i could answer better and better in this field))

Q. Then a follow up question.
A. Explained nicely. ((coooooll))

Q. Your icon in history.
A. explained nicely. ((oh man. he heard my answer for complete 1.30 minute or so. sort of speech. ha))

Q. Effect of devaluation of currency.
A. *Gave one positive and one negative. *
Q. And.. ((When are your desires for more are gonna stop))
A. Pause. Then told don’t know.

Member 3 (English and Hindi mix)
Q. Optical fibres vs. wireless.
A. explained. Certain questions followed. Explained those too.

Q. Your fourth year project. ((This question falls in worst probability i could imagine of))
A. Iris recognition.

Q. What was that? ((don’t know. you got that. i purchased it just to get marks like i am bluffing you.))A. Explained.

Q. Any other such biometric.
A. Finger print recognition.

Q. Which one is better. ((fingers have more lines but iris also seems secured. so let’s go with the best weapon i.e. I don’t know))
A. Pause.  Then told that didn’t compare ever.

Q. What was your value addition in that project to global level technology. ((are you out of your mind. you want a private institute’s average student to make a project to add value to global technology. its earth man, not mars))A. Global available technologies are much ahead. It was just out initiative to make best out of limited resources.

Q. Which is easier?  Hardware or software. ((lolz))
A. Told with merits/demerits of both.

A mathematician goes to a class. Student asks him to tell about contribution of India in global maths. He says zero. student isn’t satisfied. Comment.explained. ((First time I realised that I could answer nicely even without understanding the question properly. it was a gamble and hit in bulls eye))why we use present numeral system and not roman numbers. ((because when we divide 20 by 10, we could literally cut the zeroes in numerator and denominator but can’t do it in roman. did you hear my inner voice?))answered properly.difference between radio and mobile transmitter and receiver. ((I must have done very wrong deeds in past. I must pass through these karmas))told.

Chairman interrupted and asked that whether radio even have transmitter. i answered.

anything else.*something struck in my mind. I answered. He interrupted in midway and passed the baton.*((finally, a good answer in engineering field))

Member 4 (again in English)

Q. difference between technology and engineering. ((do anybody bother to ask something other than engineering field. my interview is in last stage. bring in some questions where my strength lies))

*started with something but didn’t find words then took pause and then gave some definition.*

Q. what is global warming.


Q.what are chemical compounds responsible for it.


Q.from where lead comes.

vehicular emission.

Q.what sort of vehicles. ((your twenty years old ridiculous scooter. switch that.))

*tried to differentiate between diesel and petrol but at last said that don’t know.*

Q.ozone layer?

Answered it depletes.


Q.compounds responsible for it.


Q. what is ozone.


Q. what are its uses. ((holy shit. am i an environment student))

didn’t know.

Q.  you heard of oxidizing agents and its process. ((ok. so this was the trouble which was left out. welcome you, chemistry))

don’t know.

Q. tell me three features of communication. ((this was the part where i guess i went completely blank))

*i told something (without any confidence and many pauses)*

Q. these are physical features, i am asking something else.

*something again struck and i gave the correct answer*. those were sender, channel and receiver. ((life saving answer))

Q. which of these three you like more to study about. ((are these some things to like about. grow up man))


Q. why.

explained nicely. ((i could make good answers out of nothing. like dhoni could make out of ishant sharma))


Q. you had English as your writing medium but chose Hindi as medium of interview. why?


Q. i didn’t see it earlier so asked questions in English. Were you comfortable with it. ((then why others asked me in English. are all of you fools?))

yes sir.

Q. thank you. you can go. (( one milestone crossed. I don’t care for anything now. I tried my best. had i got more days, i couldn’t have done better than this in such ridiculously designed interview.))

Interview Score – 143  (Rank 133, CSE 2015)

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