TLP GS 2016 – Mini Test 3

  • IASbaba
  • October 2, 2016
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IASbaba's Think Learn Perform 2016, Think Learn Perform (TLP)- 2016
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TLP 2016 – Mini Test 3



Are you consolidating everything that you are reading and answering in TLP? Let us check that. Today the questions are repeated from the last few tests. If you are able to answer them effectively, you are on the right track. Else you need some course correction.


1. There are several constitutional, statutory and non-statutory bodies/ offices/ posts which function as safeguards against corruption and excessive appropriation by the Government. Identify these bodies/ offices/ posts and critically evaluate their role.

2. The National Human Rights Commission lacks the teeth and autonomy to function as an effective enforcement agency of human rights. Do you agree? Critically examine.

3. The provisions of the Representation of People’s Act have left the political arena open for criminal elements. Do you agree? What suggestions do you have to improve the scenario? Discuss.

4. By taking suitable examples, discuss the role of business groupings like FICCI and CII in policy formulation.

5. There are two schools of thoughts with regards to strategy adopted to reform education and health sectors in India. One of them advocates larger role of the private sector while the other emphasises upon a state administered framework. What do you think in this regard? Substantiate your viewpoint.

6. The manufacturing sector has the potential to become the driver of growth in India. The government through its interventions and policies has tried to make manufacturing a dynamic sector, one of which is the emphasis on skill development. Examine the policies and interventions in the area of skill development and also evaluate their effectiveness.

7. The government must understand the difference between the role of a facilitator and that of a guardian as far as its higher education policies are concerned. Critically examine.

8. Why was the Indus Water Treaty in news recently? Do you think the treaty is unfair to India? Critically examine.

9. The poor operational and financial efficiency of state owned distribution companies (discoms) has been a cause of serious concern. In this light, discuss the provisions and significance of the Ujwal Discom Assurance Yojna (UDAY) scheme for the power sector in India.

10. Whether or not the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) should continue in the areas declared as ‘disturbed’ is a political question which requires consultations at the ground of it’s operation. Unfortunately, the lack of political will in this regard has further alienated the people in these areas. What is your assessment of this argument? Critically examine.



Note: No separate links will be provided for answering the questions. All questions can be answered on the same page.


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