Interview Discussion – Day 18

Interview Discussion- Day 18


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Important Guidelines

  • In real interview one will never get much time to express, so try to visualize and then write succinctly.  Do not consider it an essay
  • Raise counter questions when reviewing others. This will broaden the dimensions as the same will happen in interview.
  • Counter questions will help in better expression as well as expose to various aspects one may have missed while writing. It will lead to better understanding of the issue.

The issue for discussion today is the following:

An argument is put forward by the liberal intelligentsia that poverty begets terrorism.

What is your opinion in this regard? India is facing the menace of not only terrorism but also naxalism and secessionism. Do all these challenges are borne out of poverty and destitution?

  • Mani

    I think that poverty can play a role in encouraging terrorism but it not the sole reason for terrorism. India is facing huge challenge of poverty alleviation and terror, extremist activities but we see that not every poor is inclined towards terrorism and also people who are non poor, have good education and even jobs are being attracted towards this devil.
    I think that terror and extremist activities are a result of economic , social and religious reasons.

    • kid

      In my opinion ,Thers a close relation btwn unemployment and poverty ..much easy to divert those youth…in most f the cases v can see tht the youths are educated but not employed./directed

  • Kept6363

    poverty per se may not be the reason but it is government’s apathy that is pushing people in the fold of terrorists/seccesionist

    There are many villages inChattisgarh which are conspicuous by government officials’ absence. This coupled with violation of forest rights have pushed people towards Naxalism.

    However ethnicity, in case of north east and ideological brainwash are also the reasons as many educated people are joining the IS

  • sharan a

    poverty is a result of lack of resources for survival or uneven distribution of resources in the population.
    terrorism is an ideology based activity which emanates from dissent among people and prospers on the ground of overthrowing the state with violence to attain political power..
    although poverty can be a reason for people to take up terrorist activities,it cannot be the soul criteria.many people who are poor work hard to earn their livelihoods and still show love and respect towards their nation in their own ways…however there is also some dissent due to their inability to make ends meet because of poverty..This dissent is used by terror,naxal and secessionist groups to garner their support.However, these groups have not been have not been very highly successful barring some regions of the country…

  • Gaurav Sharma

    i dont think poverty is the only reason that give birth to terror activities however it may be considered that many times the poor people are duped into such activities in the name of money and indifference created on caste bases. In India terrorism exist on foundation of communism as we see in J&K on false idea of self rule and division as seen in most of Naxalites affected states, definitely the very cause is money problem but it can not be extended to every poor!.
    lack of proper surveillance is the very cause due to which people fall into such traps, failures of leaders in outreaching to overall catagories of people may also be considered as another reason.

    in such cases an easy money in return of disturbing law, order and nation work and causing massacre all around is common perspective of poor men.

  • V Kumar

    Poverty and destitution is very important reason for disturbance and chaos in society thereby leading to naxalism, terrorism , secessionism, etc but there are not only factors. Religious fundamentalism, increasing fissure in society, national self interest to promote, etc are also factors for this. Major demonstration of religious fundamentalism could be seen in youth joining the ISIS. These youth are from across the world with well educated and professional background. They are ready to sacrifice their life and not caring for their family and relative.

    Naxalism in India has become very old problem. Started from around 10 district and currently increased more than 150 district. Movement started from failure of governance and tribal’s right is now getting support from different countries. So now reasons have extended to foreign support to tribal leaders own interest to get power.

    The need of hour is to reduce poverty and inequality. Along with this intelligence agencies network should be extended to get information regarding these activities. Deterrence in society is very essential to curb this. Multi prong strategies should be adopted to remove grievances of people. Devolution of power, inclusive decision making is essential to build trust in governance.

  • Axi Tak

    Poverty yes is a reason that takes a person towards terrorism but when poverty is combined with illiteracy that’s the most dangerous combination. An aware person even if he or she is not having enough to eat or basic necessities wouldn’t turn up to killing people.
    In India terrorism has not take a ground yet. It has just started growing on very few depressed and poor young brains. But every Indian rich or poor is somewhere an Indian before anything else. Indianism flows in blood of people. Its easy to recruit people from few other nations like US, Saudi, Syria, Turkey but it is tough to make Indians take this route.
    Naxalism and secessionism the very reason is different, naxalites are fighting for their land, They are from the depressed schedule tribe who were alienated and their land was taken from them. This movement started against the government which has now taken a bad turn.
    Poverty is one of the cause but not the main cause. ABSENCE OF ROBUST DEMOCRACY and governance is also a major issue. Person takes up the wrong ways only when the GUARDIAN (government) stop providing him or her, her basic needs and rights. When no way is left person takes this way now main point is, WHEN NO WAY IS LEFT, that means if in this time period welfare programs and made and the help is reached that there is no need to turn up to the last resort TERRORISM. Only weak minds can be made to do terrorism, a poor but an aware mind can’t be turned against his or her nation.

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