MOTIVATION: UPSC Prelims Results, 2017 – Get Over It! (Both Qualified and Non-qualified Aspirants Should Read This)

MOTIVATION: UPSC Prelims Results, 2017 – Get Over It!


With the result of CSE preliminary examination just been announced, the possibilities are only three:

  1. You didn’t appear in Prelims this year and that’s why it doesn’t bother you
  2. You appeared in Prelims but could’t clear
  3. You appeared in Prelims and qualified for the next stage

In whichever category you fall in, please remember one thing: YOU MUST GET OVER IT NOW!!!!

Yes! Success and failure both don’t matter at this stage. They only offer you a platform. Success means a platform to prepare for Mains this year, failure means a platform to prepare once again. That’s it! Detach yourself emotionally from the result. Believe us it is for your good. To know how, please

Who have advanced to next stage- MAINS 


Congratulations!! Your efforts have resulted in your success. And if you are one of our ILP students, then accept our greetings for letting us play a role in your success. You need to up the ante now and move forward with more energy and determination. Complacency at this stage will only jeopardise your chances. You have tasted success and now it is time to plan for the final embrace of success that will last forever and will be far more sweeter. Remember one thing- you have left behind thousands of competitors to enter the next stage. Don’t let go this opportunity. Make full use of it.

You must concentrate on the following three aspects of your preparation now:

  1. Shift your focus to answer writing now. Practice answer writing at least 2 hours a day. For supporting you on this front, we have two initiatives: TLP Online (Free and open to all) and TLP Offline (Offline Test Series in Bangalore Centre).
  1. Focus on current affairs of the last 12 months Daily News Analysis or Monthly Magazine, RSTV Analysis, AIR, Yojana / Kurkushetra )
  1. Prepare your optional thoroughly. We provide free support for optional answer writing (TLP Optional)

IASbaba proudly announces  Study-Centre and Discussion room ‘Exclusively’ for aspirants Preparing for 2017 Mains


1st Floor exclusively for ‘Study Centre’ with individual cubicles (75 seating capacity).

2nd Floor exclusively for ‘Discussion’ purpose.

You need to Register by 5th August, 2017 and block your seat. Minimum 3 months advance should be paid at the time of Registration.

For Registration purpose, you can directly come over to the office. The office address and timings is mentioned at the end of this post.



The Study-Centre will open from 7th August (Monday).

Timings: 6 am – 11 Pm


  • No. 364, 5th Main, Hampinagar, Vijayanagar II Stage, Bangalore 560040
  • Landmark : Between Hampinagar Post Office and Coffee Day (CCD)

Please make full use of the opportunity and come out flying colours. IASbaba will be happy to help you.


 If you have to appear for Prelims once again?


First of all remove the feeling from your heart, mind and soul that you have failed. You tried your best but couldn’t advance to the next stage. That is it! Nothing else. In this marathon called CSE, initial setbacks are better than the heartbreaking blows of the last stage. Please get over it and start afresh. Every day of your life is the first day of rest of your life. It is upto you to make a positive start and think about the future that awaits you. Action and not tears will help you.

But before you start, think about the reasons behind your performance in CSP. Most probably, you will find yourself in one the following categories:

  1. You were not even serious about this attempt and just wanted to have a feel of it.
  2. It was your first attempt and you also prepared hard.
  3. You prepared really well but last minute emergency or illness didn’t let you perform well.
  4. Last year you qualified for interview but this year could’t even clear Prelims.
  5. It was your last attempt and you have to explore other opportunities.

In all the categories mentioned here, the fact remains the same: you have to start once again and that too with full vigour and energy. Don’t think too much about it. What was to happen has already happened and you need to move ahead.

At this point, focus on the following:

  1. Take at least 5 days to analyse the areas where you went wrong.
  2. Try to improve in the areas where you couldn’t score much.
  3. Prepare a micro plan and follow that religiously.
  4. Don’t put your Mains preparation on hold. Keep practicing answers and prepare for Prelims simultaneously.
  5. Test yourself on regular basis and keep doing the course correction on a regular basis.

We are sure, you would make it to the next stage without any hiccup next year.

IASbaba is there to assist you in your preparation through its plethora of initiatives and the most famous IASbaba’s flagship program ILP 2018 (UPSC CSE 2016 Saumya Pandey Rank 4 and Dinesh Kumar Rank 6 were our ILP students)

There will be another Study-Centre at Vijayanagar with individual cubicles (110 seating capacity)


You need to Register by 10th August, 2017 and block your seat.

The Study-Centre will open from 14th August (Monday).

Timings: 6 am – 11 Pm

Please make full use of the opportunity and come out with flying colours. IASbaba will be happy to help you.

Office Address:

No 220, First Floor, 28th Cross, 2nd Block, Rajajinagar, Bangalore -560010.

Landmark: Near KLE law college.

Mobile No.: 9035077800/8602242429 

All the Best 🙂


  • Manoj

    Can I get the mail id? I wanted some information about study centre…

  • Su ku

    How many IAS baba students has qualified for prelims 2017 ??

    • madan kumar k j

      I qualified.

      • Enamul Zeeshan

        How u prepare for prelims
        N ur daily routine

        • madan kumar k j

          Just 2 months….
          60 day plan of Baba …insights ncerts….attend 70-80 questions. previous questions…..
          Watch unacdemy for ca…10-15.min
          India year book nd economic survey analysis- you tube.

    • Rajesh

      now a day half of the appearing aspirants is following IASbaba or insight either way or both except Hindi medium student…..The day will come all traditional gigantic Delhi based institute disappear

  • Kumar Keshaw

    I got 132 last year prelims…But not able to clear this year….Please help BABA..

  • Atul

    Hello aspirants,
    CSE 2017 pre ke results aa chuke hai. DAF fill krne ki date
    august 17-31 hai. mera ek frnd clear hua hai. but usne abhi 15 july tak
    graduation final ke exam diye hai. jiske results 31 august se phle to aa
    jaane hai but tb tk provisional certificate nhi mil payega.
    kya woh mains likhne ke liye eligible ho payega?
    anyone please help if know.
    thank you.

  • The Phoenix

    Thank you Babaji.. Much needed.. Completely shattered.. Feeling bad esp. because i feel it is CSAT that pulled me down 🙁

  • madan kumar k j

    Baba I qualified……I’m not able to attend offline…..does online and offline tlp have same quality of questions…..

  • Iron Butterfly

    Thanku babaji

  • Anurag

    Please open something in Delhi too Babaji….

  • Suprme Leader on Kharai-Camel

    To the point words/strategy for pre-qualified or not qualified………!!
    Thanks Baba jee….!! Aapka zawaab hee nahi. Bahot helpful ho. 🙂

    #Desert Area mei bhi Branch kholiye.

  • Rocky Balboa

    Thanks Babaji. Hope age limit for 2018 exam will remain same. @iasbaba:disqus Do you think is there any chance of reducing age limit for 2018 exam?

    • Speedy

      i think 2019 tk kuch na hoga bjp ko ek term aur ana h jeet ke tbhi.

      • Rocky Balboa

        he he. After complete preparation it should not be like demonetization shocker.Mere pyare UPSC aspirant mitro….

  • Deepak

    Thank You.

  • A Girl Has No Name

    “Every day of your life is the first day of rest of your life. It is upto you to make a positive start and think about the future that awaits you.”well said sir…to all those who heard the ting in yesterday’s pdf,agli baar jeetna h:)

    • Abhijit (ABG)

      that’s the way to live life happily 🙂 Making a fresh start and giving one’s best !!!
      Everyone which does so is victorious in the battle of life, which is the biggest one 🙂


    Dear Babaji, i had been your ILP 2017 student.
    I couldn’t qualify this time(being 3rd attempt) & my lack of revision had been the reason. Efforts put by your team while making Value Added Notes is really praisworthy.

    Babaji now please tell how should i utilise my 2017 ILP subscription.

    Plz guide.

  • Spot

    Where shall I get ILP 2018 details?

  • priya1504

    I want to sell my vision ias test series for gs mains.Interested people can contact me @[email protected]

  • mandy

    Sir I clear prelimn.sir how should i prepare geography as optional


    we are looking for faculty for UPSC Please contact : [email protected]

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