Rank 150 Jayendra Kumar on how to crack UPSC while working with IASbaba’s ILP Programmme

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  • July 12, 2018
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Dear Aspirants,

I am Jayendra Kumar, currently working in Indian Oil Corporation Limited since 2014. I have secured All India Rank 150 in CSE 2017 in my 3rd attempt (failed in first two Prelims). I joined ILP-2016, Integrated Learning Programme and regularly followed 60 days Prelims program and TLP Answer Writing Program.

I am sharing my Journey of UPSC with you.
My Journey:

My name is Jayendra Kumar. I belong to Mawai Khurd village of Mahoba district of Uttar Pradesh. My family is associated with agriculture. I completed my primary education from village itself. In 2002, I got admission in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Mahoba (JNVM). I completed intermediate from JNVM (10th 89% and 12th 88.6%) in 2009.

In 2010, I cleared IIT JEE and got admission in IIT BHU Varanasi in Chemical Engineering. I passed out from IIT BHU in 2014 with DGPA 8.48. Since 2014, I am working in Indian Oil Corporation as a production Engineer. I have secured 150th rank in CSE 2017 conducted by UPSC.

My Journey to CSE:

I thought to appear in CSE in my first Year (2nd semester) of Graduation and at that time, I had no idea of civil services examination. So I enrolled myself in a foundation course to CSE in a local coaching centre at Varanasi. Classes were in week ends (Saturday and Sunday evening). Upto 3rd year, I was introduced to static portion of general studies and Optional Subject (Public Administration). But knowledge level was not upto the level as demanded in CSE. But at that stage, I knew the syllabus and what to read and what not to.

In 4th Year, I focused on Engineering Subjects as I was in need of Job. I could not got job through campus Placement till December 2013 and thus prepared for GATE 2014. I got AIR 166 in Chemical Engineering and was offered job from IOCL, NFL, HPCL, GAIL. I joined IOCL in 2014 itself. Now I started to make building for CSE in the foundation which I had made in the time of graduation.

1st Attempt (2015).

I studied basic books (single reading only). I did not join any test series. I got nearly 45 Marks.

2nd attempt (2016):

I re-read all basic books for prelims and joined iasbaba.com online Integrated Learning Program (ILP). since I was working in IOCL, I could not followed the programme and only gave test series in last 1 month before prelims.

I scored approx. 106 marks and thus failed again in prelims.

3rd Attempt(2017):

I re-read again basic and standard books, joined IASbaba Test Series, followed 60 days IASbaba prelims programme, revised all tests twice, made notes of current events from tests.  I cleared the cutoff and thus qualified for CSE (mains) 2017

My Strategy:

Prelims: Limiting the sources, Multiple times study of standard books, revision of test series, discussion with friends.

Watching videos on ONLYIAS Youtube channel.

Mains (Medium: English):

I made a notebook and wrote the topics mentioned in syllabus on the top of pages, leaving 2 pages for each topic. I used to write in this copy under the topic which I read, studied in newspaper, magazine etc.. This, I started from 2014 and at the end of prelims 2017, there were notes of mine covering most of topics of syllabus. Result of prelims was declared in last August 2017. Upto that time,  I had covered the most of  topic of GS paper II and III. Topics in which I have lesser or no content, I made google search of topics and read the articles e.g. security. In order to enrich the content of answer I made short notes of Monthly Policy Review (MPR) from prsindia.org site in the month of October 2017, covering last 10 months.

After declaration of prelims results I applied for leave in my organisation and got approx.1 month leave in the Breaks. I had earlier joined the vision Ias mains GS online test series. I had given 5 mains GS test before prelims and rest tests were given by me in month of September and October (total 22 tests out of 25).

Through the test series, I learned how to frame an answer, finish the paper within the time, enrich the content of answer.

Optional Paper: Public Administration

I read the standard books, joined Lukman IAS online test series. Due to scarcity of time I used to watch the discussion videos of those tests only in which I scored low. (4 tests videos out of 12). I appeared in all 12 tests.

Books and sources I referred:


Polity: Laxmikant

Environment: shankar ias book, down to earth magazine, internet

Geography: NCERT 6 to 12. Mrunal videos, Maps

History Modern: Rajiv Ahir spectrum, Bipin Chandra (read during graduation only just like a novel)

History Medieval: Tamil Nadu 11th book

History Ancient:  Tamil Nadu 11th book (only selective reading like Indus valley)

S & T:  onlyias videos, internet, current affairs.

Art and culture: spectrum (only selected topics), internet.

Economics: Mrunal videos, Sanjeev Verma book on Indian economy, economic survey and budget.

Current AffairsIASbaba, onlyias, The Hindu, Livemint



Paper 1:  static portion covered through sources same as prelims,

I had paid minimum attention to World History, Art and Culture.

Paper 2 and 3: self prepared notes, Economic survey, Budget, 2nd ARC 4th report, 14th finance commission and 7th Pay Commission report summary, MPR on prs, internet .

Paper 4: Mrunal notes, only selected topics from Lexicon, ARC 2nd 4th report.

Essay: Just wrote 5 essay before 4 days of exam and same evaluated by friend. Time management is very important in order to pay equal attention to both essays in the given time frame.

In the month of September and October, I made reading of standard answers of daily 5 questions posted by IASbaba under TLP answer writing programme. As I had limited time, I practised few questions only and made notes of these questions.


1. Pub Administration by Radhabinod Aribam (cover to cover multiple readings.)

2. Administrative thinkers: Prasad and Prasad (cover to cover), made micro notes of this book.

3. Public Administration: Fadia and Fadia (selective reading)

4. Pub Administration new horizon: Mohit Bhattacharya

5.Restructuring Pub administartion a new look: Mohit Bhattacharya.

For detailed strategy, please refer Mr. Ashish Tiwari blog:


Test Series: Lukman IAS Online Test Series.

My study Plan with Job:

After completion of graduation I was clear about the syllabus and which books I have to refer. I limited my resources and made multiple reading of standard books. Since I was in shift duty, there was Maximum 4 hours in a day for self study after the duty.

During week end off, study hours were approx 6 to 8 hours.

I utilised my leaves in this journey, and used to study 10 to 12 hours in leaves.

General Tips for working Professional:

1. Utilise free office time as much you can.

2. Utilise your leaves very judiciously.

3. Consistency in study

4. Avoid frequent public gatherings, relatives functions.

5. Belief in yourself.

6. Hard work. Study at least 1 hours and as maximum as you can.

7. Multiple reading of limited books for each subject.

8. Join online test series both for prelims and mains.

9. Go for short tours with friends, if you feel stress.


Medium: Hindi

Board: Dr. Manoj Soni

I will share my interview script in a separate blog.

Mains Marks:

  • Essay:  137
  • GS I:    112
  • GS II:   110
  • GS III:  131
  • GS IV:  085
  • Optional I (Pub Ad): 143
  • Optional II (Pub Ad): 134
  • Written Total: 852
  • Interview: 190

Final Total: 1042


Thank you.

Jayendra Kumar

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