CONNECT WITH BABA: IASbaba’s Dedicated HOTLINE for UPSC Aspirants !!

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  • March 29, 2020
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IASbaba Prelims 60 Days Plan
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CONNECT WITH BABA: IASbaba’s Dedicated HOTLINE for UPSC/IAS Aspirants !!

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Connect with IASbaba -Hotline for All UPSC Aspirants


Dear Students,

Crisis creates two situations. One represents danger and the other represents opportunities. Let us tell you- you have a golden opportunity to introspect and probe your thoughts.

The crisis that we face today is a momentous occasion for mankind. Good times are bound to come; we are not very far away from it. Together we can overcome this crisis. All that we need is active support from all of you!

It is time to Introspect, Ideate and Improve!!

We have come-up with articles to instil confidence, motivate you in the present situation.

Do read these articles. Mark the words/lines in your dairy. These very lines can be the driving force’ in the time of uncertainty.

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We are all driven by certain desires or aspirations. This driving force has the ability to get us going despite the odds. So to ensure that your preparation goes smoothly and keeping up with our promise, we are coming up with a Dedicated HOTLINE (Communication channel) – Connect with BABA for all UPSC/IAS Aspirants.

With this hotline, you will be able to speak with the Founders and Core Team of IASbaba on telephone regarding ‘any queries’ related to UPSC preparation in general or Subject-specific doubts.

In addition to the ‘ASK YOUR BABA’ (#ASKBABA) thread opened on a daily basis for our 60 Day plan, a communication line will be open for two hours daily (excluding Sunday – holidayfrom 5 pm to 7 pm. We will try to make sure that with so much going around these days, you have at least one less thing to worry about.


HOTLINE and ASK YOUR BABA (#ASKBABA): Modus of Operandi

There are 2 initiatives which will be running parallely.

1. HOTLINE – Connect with BABA (5pm – 7pm)

The communication channel will be open ONLY for 2 hours Daily (except on Sundays – holiday) from 5pm to 7 pm. Please do not make calls before or after the specified time. As we will be occupied with other daily initiatives running on the website and mentorship. Hope you understand our time constraints.

Please note that, call facilities are mainly for queries related to preparation per se like strategies, difficulties in reading a subject, what to read, what not to read, how to manage time, revision, motivation etc.

You can call on the numbers given below.

For any queries related to –

  • UPSC Preparation (Prelims, Mains, Interview) Strategy & Current Affairs – contact 9986190082
  • Environment & Science and Technology – contact 9986193016
  • Polity & Economics – contact 9899291288
  • Geography & History – contact 9591106864

We have separated General Strategy (Preparation per se – Pre, Mains, Interview) and Current Affairs from other subjects. You can make use of the HOTLINE, as per your needs.


2. ASK YOUR BABA (#ASKBABA) – clear your doubts on the 60 Day Platform (Online from 11 am – 10 pm)

Use the disqus comment section of that particular day (60 Day post) to clear all your subject specific doubts of the day.

Here, doubts related to the 60 day questions or conceptual clarity in a particular subject can be asked. Your doubts will be cleared on real-time basis (or max within hour it will be answered from the subject experts)

If you are genuinely finding difficulty interms of preparing with that particular subject, then you can use 5pm-7pm window to make calls. If you are not able to speak to IASbaba’s Team, then you can still post your doubts/queries in the same post of the 60 day initiative. As mentioned above, your doubts will be cleared on real-time basis (or max within hour it will be answered from the subject experts).


How to make the maximum use of this HOTLINE and #ASKBABA (Disqus comment of 60 Day Plan) on Daily basis?

From Babaji: Regularly (from Monday to Saturday- 6 days a week), questions are posted between 10:30 am. 30 Mcq’s ( 20 mcqs Subject specific and 10 mcqs Current Affairs related) are posted per day.

As a Student: Inorder to simulate exam like scenario, download the OMR sheet which is published along with the post. Set the stop-watch to 20-25 minutes and solve the 30 mcq’s and post your OMR Sheet or number of questions attempted on the disqus comment. Also importantly use this daily thread (disqus comment) to clear your doubts related to the subject of the day.

For instance, the subject on Monday (30th March) is Polity, so you can post all your queries/doubts related to that subject and we have a dedicated team, who will clear all your doubts on the same day. This makes it a meaningful learning as your doubts are cleared on real-time basis (or max within hour it will be answered from the subject experts).

Please don’t shy away from posting your scores. Nobody will judge you based on that. As time and again we have reiterated that 60 day plan is a ‘training ground’  for knowing your weak spots and then working to address those before the final battle. You need to be true to yourself, ready to accept your weakness, only then will you be able to progress and learnings can happen.


Now, that I have solved 30 mcq’s, what to do next? This will be your next obvious question.

Once you devote 20-25 minutes on 60 Day Initiative, focus on your day to day reading like Newspaper or follow our initiatives (Daily Current Affairs, PIB, AIR, RSTV, Yojana/Kurukshetra). Later, you can focus on the static/core subjects of your choice – Polity, History, Economics, Geography, Environment & Science and Technology. If you are following 60 Day plan, then you will not have any issues with regard to covering the syllabus comprehensively and on time!

The Solutions are purposefully posted between 3pm -4 pm to simulate exam-like scenario and create serious in the students.

Once the solution is updated (in the same post of 60 Day plan) between 3pm -4 pm. Cross-check your answers with the Solution and post your score in the same comment thread as you had posted earlier. There are 2 advantages on posting your score –

  1. It makes you more accountable (which is very important to keep a check on your preparation). And you can see the incremental increase in your score on a day to day basis which will lead to sure shot success in Prelims.
  1. As you all know ’60 Day’ is a peer-driven initiative and by participating actively, you are placed to get better with each passing day. Your ACTIVE Participation will motivate the entire student community to prepare in the time of uncertainty prevailing right now.

NOTE- Follow this in the Comment Section.

  • Mention- Time Taken after solving the Test
  • After the release of Solution Edit your Comment to Mention-  Correct/Incorrect and Score
  • 2 Marks for Correct/0.66 minus for Incorrect.


Analysis of your Performance

Now, coming to the analysis of your performance which plays a major role in one’s learning curve. Without doing this exercise on daily basis, the entire exercise of taking any test for that matter becomes futile.

It can be said that there are mainly four reasons behind incorrect responses in the OMR sheet. They are:

  1. Lack of information
  2. Lack of analytical ability
  3. Silly mistakes
  4. Excessive risk-taking

Suppose on Day 1, questions have been framed from Polity on the topic of Constitutional History. There are 15 questions and you are able to answer 12 out of which 7 are correct and 5 are incorrect. It means you have scored roughly 11.33 out of 30. Now you have to fill on a daily basis, the following matrix to micro analyze your preparation:

Example: Suppose, the filled up matrix gets reflected in the following fashion:

Micro Analysis Matrix- Day 1/ Polity/ Constitutional History
Number of questions not attempted or attempted wrongly
Due to lack of information Due to the inability to apply the concept Due to silly mistake Due to excessive risk-taking Total
Number (N) 3 1 2 2 8
Weightage of scale (s) 1 2 3 4 NA
N x S 3 2 6 8 19

Based on the total value in this matrix, you have to aim for the following measures on the scale:

  • Information meter < 4
    • Course Correction: If you are scoring above 4, it means that there are serious gaps in your information base in the particular subject/ topic. Please refer to a standard textbook before it’s too late.
  • Analysis meter < 4
    • Course Correction: If you are scoring above 4, you need to explore all possible questions in your mind while reading the topic. You should frame questions for your friends and try to trick them by twisting the questions.
  • Anxiety meter < 3
    • Course Correction: A score above 3 indicates that you are either too excited or too callous to even read the question. You need to calm down and read the question twice, particularly those questions in which you feel too confident.
  • Risk meter < 8
    • Course Correction: You need to curb your risk-taking instincts. Make an only intelligent guess and don’t leave your chance on fate. Don’t let the previous year’s cut off impact your mind.
  • Total N x S score < 20

Moreover, IASbaba will give a cut-off figure along with the solutions each day. If your total marks exceed that cut off along with your total N x S score lying below 20, you are on the right track and just need to keep the momentum going.

This exercise will hardly take 5 minutes of your daily time but it might do wonders for you as you will be able to gauge your strengths and limitations better.

Finally, it is up to you to take advantage of this framework. We are sure of only one thing- if you follow this program, assess yourself on the basis of the given framework and keep improving your weaker areas, success will be yours.

We are providing you with the right platform, the right guidance, and the right competition. Do you have the right motivation to make full use of this initiative? We think you have. Come, be a part of this initiative and take the first step towards SUCCESS!


P.S: Don’t think that we will be there with you only for those 2 hours, but we will also be active through out the day from 11 am – 10 pm on daily basis actively engaging with you on the 60 day platform. Your queries will be answered on real-time basis or max within 1 hour from the time query is posted.

Make the best use of the communication channel (Ask Your Baba/comment section on daily 60 Day post and calls) provided. We will make sure that, all your queries will be answered to.

So we have  tried our bit, to ensure your preparation goes smoothly, you can do your bit by keeping in touch with us via phone/ website to keep yourself going, keep yourself engaged and staying positive during the rough times.




To simplify your Current Affairs preparation, we have come up with


Mohan Sir, Founder of IASbaba Live on YouTube on 8th April 2020 from 7.30 pm – 8pm



Remember the keyword SHIP– stay Safe, stay Healthy, stay Informed and continue with your Preparation! We at IASbaba are always there to guide you to the best of our abilities.

Thank You


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