UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (5) 2015-16: Arvind Saxena Board

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  • April 3, 2016
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UPSC Interview Preparation, UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT- 2015
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Name: Mani Agarwal

Optional: Mathematics

Board: Arvind Saxena

First Attempt

The interview started at around 11:46pm

I entered the room. It was not the typical set up with a semi circular table and a separate chair for the aspirant. Rather it was a round table with all members and me sitting together.

I wished the chairman a good morning and then the lady member and then others.

Chairman (C): Have a seat.

Me: thank you sir.

C: you are Mani.

Me: yes Sir.

Suddenly, another member said Mani.  Then all of them started discussing about my name!

C: this name is not a common name.

Me: yes sir. It is common is south India but not in north India.

M2: in north you have Mani as a middle name of a male.

Then suddenly M1 also started saying something.

C: what is the meaning of Mani.

Me: sir it is a mythological name meaning a precious stone.

Lady member: Oh! that Mani which is with Cobra snake?

Me: Yes mam.

Fortunately, the discussion about my name ended.

Chairman looked at my DAF from start till the end. Mentioned loudly that I did my graduation from Hindu college and post grad from IIT Bombay in Mathematics

C: let me ask something general.

Then he talked about happiness index. India being at 118 out of 130 nations, reasons for it, what top countries have, why US is not at top. I answered whatever little I knew. He didn’t cross question me on this.

M1: okk. You are an athlete. We have so little number of PT Ushas and Anju Bobby George. Sports condition in India. what will you do as DM if you have a n order to promote sports in your district.

Who is this Manjul Bhargava?

He asked me about some name of the sex determination technique to which I said I don’t know.

M2: asked about economics. Ease of doing business. He supported me to get out the answer that he wanted to me to say. Manufacturing, make in India (not related to DAF in any manner).

What will you do to control corruption?

Lady member: women reservation bill; what are the solutions

Oh, you dance, which kind of dance, what is the difference between Kathak ad Bharatnatyam.

M4: he was the most jovial of all, kept on smiling all the time. Lightened the mood

Have you heard about the movie “Man who knew infinity?” (I knew about it) Then he asked who was it about. Other questions related to maths.  Quality of maths taught in schools.

To this I told that there is little emphasis on applications. We should teach students through applications. To which he said: ok tell me one application of calculus.

I said that I was also from the same system and not very sure of application. To which he said come on, you can try. Other members also started saying: its easy, its easy!

Then I thought a little and told one application. Luckily it was accurate and then all started shaking their heads in affirmation (literally)

Then it came to chairman again and I thought now he will ask some other 3-4 questions. But he said ok mani your interview is over. You can go.

I was caught slightly surprised but happy!

I thanked all of them.

It lasted for about 16-20 minutes.


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