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UPSC Interview Preparation, UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT- 2015
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Name– Lucky Verma

Date of interview – 29 Apr 2016, AN

Board -Sri V M Mittal

Second last to go inside at 16: 30Hrs.

Duration-Appx 40 min

Here I go

The PS led me to the room  inside with the sound of call bell. Board was having all gentlemen , wished them GOOD AFTERNOON SIR…one by one , not sirs. I went near the round table and stood near the vacant chair.

The CM asked me to sit..

Me-Thank you sir

CM-I can see through your DAF,you have got a rich DAF.You have been conferred with xxx. What why and where.

Me-This was conferred to me during OP SAHAYATA , uttarakhand flash floods during June 2013  for the distinguished service , I had rendered  for rescue and relief of stranded pilgrims.

CM– ok  ok

You have heard about Kashmir insurgency .but recently there is civil unrest on upswing. What is this and what is your solution ?

Me–  Sir, since couple of days, civil unrest is swinging high in the valley.I would like to  quote the issue of NIT Srinagar.

CM– The outsider vs insider battle is going on in the institute. External actors are playing role in escalating the divide and things are making headlines across the country. Even dirty politics also playing its role as usual .

sir, in my opinion ,its a law and order problem, state  police has to do it role more diligently and strictly .protection of highest order should be provided to the students. It is an institutional affair and the authority should deal with it. Media should be  censored, to highlight such sensitive issues.

CM-ok ok , tell me about AFSPA , have you heard of it?

Me– yes sir, its  Armed Forces Special Power Act ,enacted in 1958 to deal with counter insurgency operations in North East , later on extended to J n K.It provides for deployment of armed forces in Disturbed  areas.

CM– But people say its a licence to kill civilians. human rights violation etc..

Me– yes sir people speak like this.

CM– So you say human right violation occurs .

Me– sir , these are  widely cited in newspapers .

CM– so what is your view -should we repeal AFSPA?

Me–  sir before a decision is taken on repealing AFSPA, we has to see the background on which it was enacted , present situation and futuristic contours. With the cross border terrorism and as sir you pointed out , civil unrest on upswing , I will say , TIME has not come to repeal AFSPA. It is  a necessary evil. It is sine qua none with counter insurgency operation. However ,there should be ZERO TOLERANCE for human rights violation. we should sensitize our troops .

Army has got Do’s and Don’t List, they should adhere to. Civil police and military coordination will also minimize the damage and negative perception.

CM-ok. Do you think we are going weaker in dealing with Pakistan.What is your views on terror and talk?

Me– sir, it is said that’ terror and talk cant go together’ but my rec is , they, indeed , should.

CM-you want to say Gandhiji …one cheek and other one on offer..

There was a laughters all around.

Me– smiling, no no sir..I mean to say – dialogue doe not cause any damage per se.

Both are nuclear weapon state , so CBM through comprehensive dialogues , cultural and sports activities should go on .However , the security threat must be met with iron hands.

And our Fauj is doing that efficiently.

I felt it was around 10-12 minutes only CM was asking and others were listening. Now he directed the M1 , sitting to my left.

M1-what is right to die?  is it  a fundamental right?

Me– No sir, my answer is negative. as sec309 IPC prohibits attempt to suicide( This section I was discussing with one of my friend just before my entry , it came so handy, thanks to him) and Article 21 goes for Right to Life and personal liberty.

M1– one case from Maharastra.

Me-sir , Aruna Shanbaug case.


( I felt he anticipated I am well versed with the euthanasia and all, he didnt let me go deep) some  more Q asked by him-

what is new symbol/insignia  of medical profession?

What is medical jurisprudence?

Then M-2 take over who was sitting right to me.

what is the name of convention related with war time medical aid? what is it

Me-Geneva convention. PoW

M2– what is chemical convention , biological convention?

Me– These are international conventions to prohibit these weapons manufacturing and transfer..

 M2– what is policy of India  on anti- personel mines?

 Me– dont know much sir , but we are laying APM.

I dont know much questions from this fellow

M3-give me highlights of economic survey of this year. what is monetary policy of the country, who decides. what are instruments of monetary policy. tell me about MSF. present figure ..

You have been to so many places in north east, tell me about flora and fona of Assam …two heritage sites.

one national park lies in two countries with the same name …manas

I was about to say  but he said Bhutan .

M4– tell me why athelets have low pulse?

Me– answered.

M4– Why banana is eaten after  exertional sports like boxing and tennis.

Me- answered.

M4- tell me why oral polio vaccine orally, does it not neutralised by gastric juices?

Me- answered .

last Q came as a pleasant googly and I loafted it like a six..

M4– we are hearing about nationalists and patriotic? can you  explain the difference?

Me– sir , indeed  patriotism is subsumed in Nationalism.

patriotism is an emotion of love for one’s country while patriotism is doing  something for uniting the country of cultural means . patriotism is a passive feeling, while nationalism is a pro-active approach.

Patriotic people do think they are staying one of the best  country and there is scope  for the progress and improvement .

nationalist think they are already staying in the BEST country  and they take it as insult if some faults are pin pointed , that leads to violence .

and CM and all members started laughing.

The CM announced -on this happy note , we close the interview.

I thanked them all ,stoop up , and greeted GOOD AFTERNOON SIR again…

many questions I have forgot over the period of time. The atmosphere was very cordial and it was a healthy discussion.No much cross -questioning .

Thanks .

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