[CURRENT AFFAIRS SESSIONS] Interview Mentorship Program (IMP) for UPSC 2021 Personality Test!

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  • February 18, 2022
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IASbaba's Interview Program, Important Updates
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Dear Students

IASbaba’s Interview Mentorship Programme (IMP) is the most comprehensive initiative for the personality test. The program has helped many previous year rankers to qualify for the Civil Services Exam. We have designed IMP in such a way that it is not just a ritual that has to be done by the aspirants but personal attention will be given to each and every candidate and guidance will be provided according to the individual needs of the candidates. Following the feedback of the toppers is a testimony of that.

Interview Mentorship Programme (IMP) is IASbaba’s Flagship program for UPSC Personality Test, which includes – DAF Sessions, Panel Mocks, One to One Mocks & Mentorship with Mohan Sir, DAF Questionnaire, Current Affairs, Open Mocks, Think, Rethink and Perform (TRP).

Current issues are the most important domain from which Panel members ask the questions. You must have studied Current Affairs for your mains and prelims however, the orientation of questions in the interview is different.

In order to tackle this, under the Interview Mentorship Programme (IMP), 16 highly focussed sessions will be conducted to give you an analytical perspective on important current affairs topics to prepare you for facing questions by the interview board.

IASbaba’s Interview Mentorship Programme (IMP) has started and we are done with three sessions already.

Schedule for Special Current Affairs Session – DOWNLOAD

We are happy to see the response and active engagement from the students who are part of IMP 2021. To be part of IASbaba’s Mentorship Programme (IMP), register below and be part of a dedicated Telegram group, where you can actively engage and interact with Mohan Sir, Other Students, and Selected Candidates.


We are sharing videos of the IMP Sessions which were conducted last week.

1) Strategy for the next 40 Days- Should one focus on Prelims, Mains or Interview? by Mohan Sir (Founder, IASbaba)

The Topics discussed in the session is as follows –

  1. What should be your strategy (for the next 40 days) till the interview results are announced?
  2. Interview Preparation – Do’s & Dont’s. The thought process is required to take a stand on controversial issues. Homework/Groundwork to be done for Interview.
  3. How to effectively use the TRP initiative and this common platform (Telegram) for interview purposes.
  4. Should students wearing hijab be banned from schools and colleges & should it be made compulsory to stand when National Anthem is sung or played.

2) Polity & Governance Current Affairs Session (Part-1) by Sunil Oberoi (Retd. IAS)

The Topics discussed in the session is as follows –

  1. Intolerance in Indian Society
  2. FCRA Amendments
  3. Legal Marriage Age for Women
  4. Hydro projects in the Himalayas

3) Polity & Governance Current Affairs Session (Part-1) by Sunil Oberoi (Retd. IAS)

The Topics discussed in the session is as follows –

  1. Global Multilateral Bodies and Relevance
  2. Regulation of Ed-Techs
  3. Reservation in Jobs and SC Rulings
  4. Legal Guarantee for MSP


Those who are interested in the IMP Programme, please fill out the Registration Form below:



Students, who have filled the Registration Form, can use the DISCUSSION ROOMS at Bengaluru, Delhi, and Lucknow Centres. The Discussion Rooms will be specially reserved for interview purposes.

Also, to make the discussion more streamlined, a mentor will oversee the discussions.

For further queries with regard to the interview, you can mail us at imp@iasbaba.com or call us on  80770 36613 (10 am to 5:30 pm). 

All the Best

IASbaba Team

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