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  • October 4, 2019
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UPSC MAINS PAPER 2019 (GS 1, 2, 3 and GS 4): ANALYSIS, APPROACH and REFERENCES-How IASbaba was Helpful






IASbaba’s WORKSHOP in DELHI – About TLP Connect Programme and Art of Answer Writing

Important timelines in the Video:

Initial 10 mins – about IASbaba and Team

13 minutes onwards – Philosophy behind TLP and Details about TLP Connect Mentorship programme

35mins, 30 Sec onwards – Art of Answer Writing

1:14:25 (hr:min:sec) onwards – Live Demo of Answer Writing

1:37:30 onwards – Ethics Strategy

2:19:45 onwards – Right Attitude for UPSC Preparation



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. What is the difference between TLP Connect and TLP Plus?

TLP Connect is an integrated Prelims + Mains + Interview, Mentorship Based Programme.

It has additional features of Prelims Test Series and Babapedia, which is not available to the subscribers of TLP Plus.

Duration: From 12th October to 23rd May. Prelims Test will be held on every Saturday’s and Mains on every Sunday’s. Please note that Mains Test will end by 2nd March, 2020 and Prelims Test will continue till 23rd May, 2020.

TLP Plus is an exclusive Mains Mentorship Programme. Mains Test will be held on every Sunday’s.

Duration: From 13th October 2019 to 2nd March 2020

2. What are the similarities between TLP Connect and TLP Plus?

Both are Mentorship based Programmes.

Both are incentive-based programmes. It means that, if you are clearing UPSC PRELIMS 2020, then 2nd Phase (June 2020 – September 2020 [3 Months]) will be completely FREE!! And if you are clearing UPSC MAINS 2020, then 3rd Phase will also be completely FREE!!

Both are available in OFFLINE (Delhi and Bengaluru Centers) and ONLINE Mode.

3. When is the last date for enrolment?

Students can enrol anytime but before the end of the program. However, we advise you to join the programme before the start of the Test Series (i.e., by 10th October 2019).

4. Is Mentorship Available both to Offline & Online Students and TLP Connect & TLP Plus?


5. Why is TLP Connect/Plus called the most Practical Planning?

  • Our focus is not on the number of tests but on their qualityToo many tests for Mains will keep you focused on completing the syllabus rather than developing a thought process which is very much essential for building concepts, linking dynamic with static part and tackling analytical nature of the exam – both in Prelims and Mains.
  • Practically speaking, after writing a Test, sufficient time is required for a mentor to evaluate his/her group of students and give you detailed feedback. From a student’s perspective, sufficient time is required to work on feedbacks given by the mentors. There is no point writing tens of tests without investing adequate time on preparation. Moreover, after each test, you need time to recuperate and freshen up before you are ready for the next one. With the quality of questions in TLP, be rest assured that you will be facing the most relevant and standard questions.
  • The Schedule is prepared such that your preparation has an integrated approach. For instance, if you have History Prelims Test (Art and Culture /Modern History) on Saturday, it would be followed by Mains Test on the same topics on Sunday. So that you can carry forward the same facts and apply it in Mains as per the demand of the question.
  • Our schedule also gives you ample time to prepare for OPTIONAL subjects and ensure balanced preparation. In a week, there will be 1 Prelims Test and 1 Mains Test, so you get enough time to not only to cover both GS and Optional but also work on the feedback given by your mentors.
  • Some test series available in the market drag the test series till April-May without providing sufficient time for prelims preparation. Out of 4-5 lakhs appearing in the preliminary stage of the exam, only 10-12 thousand will make it to next stage. Due to the increased uncertainty and unpredictability nature, the prelims exam is getting tougher and tougher. Based on the feedback received from toppers, students, subject experts and faculties we believe that 2-3 months of exclusive preparation is required to clear the preliminary stage of examination. So we have planned such that, Mains Tests are over by end of February and the Prelims test continues till the month of May, So you get 3 months exclusive for Prelims Preparation.
  • Immediately after winding up of the Mains Test, our much famed and free initiative 60 days Prelims Programme begins ensuring continuity and integration in the preparation.

6. How many Prelims Tests and Mains Tests are included in the Programme?

Number of Prelims Test: 35 GS tests and 10 CSAT tests i.e. a total of 45 Tests

Number of Mains Tests: 30 Tests in Total.

  • 12 Sectional Tests(Based on Basics, Conceptual Understanding + Analytical nature) of 2 hours duration each)
  • 2 Tests Exclusively on Ethics Case Studies
  • 8 Essay Tests (3 Tests only on Philosophical Essays, 3 only on Theme Based and 2 (Philosophical + Theme Based). In total, you will be writing 16 Essays.
  • 8 Comprehensive Mock Tests of 3 hours duration each.

7. Where can I find the Detailed Plan/ Schedule of the Programmes?


8. What is Babapedia?

Babapedia is divided into Prelimspedia and Mainspedia. It covers all the current affairs which will help you in both Prelims and Mains Preparation. It makes your job very easy as it covers The Hindu, Indian Express, Economic Times, PIB etc from examination point of you.

CLICK HERE to see samples.

9. Is Approach Paper and Synopsis given and if Yes, when?

Each test shall be preceded by an approach paper detailing the sources, focus areas, and the overall strategy to approach the subject. (CLICK HERE to download the sample)

It will be provided 1 week in advance (before the scheduled test date). However, approach paper for Essays will not be provided. The Discussion Sessions/Classes and One-one Mentorship will help you in fine-tuning your essays.

Synopsis – Our synopsis for each test is prepared after extensive research and discussions among the Mentors. It ensures that the best quality content in the most lucid fashion reaches you, which acts as easy reference and revision.

(CLICK HERE to download the sample).

NOTE- First Approach Paper will be published on 5th October on TLP Portal. Next Approach Paper will be given on 13th October. Likewise, approach papers will be provided on the day of Mains Test for the next test.

10. By when can I expect my papers to get evaluated?

If the answer scripts are uploaded (online) or written in the IASbaba’s exam centre (offline) within 24 hours of the scheduled test time, then the copies will be evaluated before the next test date (i.e, within 4-5 days). However, if test copies are uploaded later then it will be evaluated within 8-10 working days.

11. Till when can I submit my papers for evaluation? (Is the program flexible?)

The program is flexible and the test portal will be closed only after completion of all the tests. However, it is advised to write the tests on scheduled test dates to effectively utilize the program. Once the programme is over (i.e last test, evaluation won’t be done)

12. Will the Discussion classes be held for both Prelims and Mains?

Yes. But for Prelims, strategic discussion classes will be taken.

13. When will the Discussion classes be held?

Discussion classes will be held immediately after the Mains test on Sunday’s. For online students, the video will be uploaded in the portal the next day.

For Prelims, strategic discussion classes will be taken.

The post-test discussions shall be taken by the expert faculties of IASbaba. A few highly specialised sessions under the Series of Interactive Lectures (SOIL) to help you grow your analytical ability in areas like Essay and General Strategy, Ethics, International Relations, Internal Security among others will be taken by People in Services and Toppers on Pro-bono basis.

14. What if I cannot attend the Discussion classes? Is there any alternative?

Discussion videos are available on the portal until the end of the programme. For offline students, video access will be given if they could not attend a discussion class (only after taking prior permission from the concerned authority).

15. When can I get a One-on-One discussion with my mentor?

One-on-One discussion is provided by the mentor before the next test, if the test is taken within 24 hours of the scheduled test date. Those who attempt the test later will receive one-on-one feedback within 8-10 working days.

16. Will the ranking be provided after each Test?

Yes the rank list will be published for both Online and Offline Combined. Evaluations are done by experts and not by novices having 4-5 months of experience as content creators. The marking and feedback that our subject experts give is based on real experience and visible expertise.

17. How is the Test Series designed/ What is the standard of Questions asked in the Tests, is it suitable for Freshers/Veterans?

  • Our tests will train the beginners to acquire a strong foundation and basics. For veterans, it will help them to streamline their preparation, value additions, work on their writing speed to complete the paper and maintain consistency.
  • Standard of Questions –Out of 14 Questions in the 2 hour Test, 6Q will be checking your basic knowledge/conceptual understanding and 8Q will be of analytical nature where you have to link static with dynamic. We believe that there is a learning curve in everybody’s preparation and this is a gradual process. It comes with time, preparation and practice!! So after the first 3 cycles of 2 hours of Test (except for Essay to be 3 hours) which would cover entire GS1, GS2, GS3, GS4, you will leap to the next level of comprehensive Test with 3 hours duration.

18. Any Special Emphasis on Ethics and Essay?

  • Yes, we have given special Emphasis on Ethics Case Studies and Essay Tests. Apart from the regular GS4 Tests, you will have 2 Tests Exclusively on Ethics Case Studies and in 8 Essay Tests -3 Tests only on Philosophical Essays, 3 only on Theme Based and 2 (Philosophical + Theme Based). You would be writing 2 Essays per Test=16 Essays in total.

19. Will the mentor be available even after the mains test series (during prelims preparation phase from March to May)?


20. Does IASbaba provide study room facility?

Yes, we have a Study Room facility both at Delhi and Bengaluru Centre and we highly recommend it for our TLP followers. But it is charged separately.


Please Note that, a separate Portal will be developed for ONLINE students and Mentorship over phone call will be made available.


Download the Feedback on our Evaluation 



TLP Connect 2020 (Both for OFFLINE and ONLINE): 30,000 + Tax = 35,400 rs/- 

TLP PLUS 2020- Mains Exclusive Mentorship (Both for OFFLINE and ONLINE): 21,000 + Tax = 24,780 rs/- 




Direct Walk-in: You can visit any of the following centres for admissions or related enquiries: And get enrolled. 


  • Vijayanagar Centre: 1737/ 37, MRCR Layout, Vijayanagar Service Road, Vijayanagar, Bengaluru-5660040. Landmark: Behind Vijayanagar Metro, above Aptronix.
  • Chandra Layout Centre: No. 1443/1444, Above Carzspa, 80 Ft. Main Road, Ganapathi Circle, Chandra Layout, Bengaluru- 560040


  • 5B, PUSA Road, Opposite to Metro Pillar 110, Karol Bagh, New Delhi -110005 (Landmark: CROMA Store)

For any Queries:

You can also reach us on

Email id: support@iasbaba.com

Contact No.:

Bengaluru: 9035077800/7353177800 ( Office Timings: 10 am – 5.30 pm)

Delhi: +91 11-41678500/+91 11-41672600 ( Office Timings: 10 am – 5.30 pm)

NOTE- Do not make calls before or after the given timing

It is about Quality-Practicality-Correct Guidance-Revision. Our programme gives you all of these! 


Thank You 


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