[UPSC 2021 Postponed] Baba’s Revamped INITIATIVES/PROGRAMS for Targeted Preparation!

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  • May 28, 2021
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Hello Everyone!

Who would have thought that living with a global pandemic would become a forced way of life for the entire population? As days pass by the cliched assurance “this too shall pass” doesn’t hold ground against the pervasive hopelessness around us. But then, reality is that we can’t avoid this situation. We have to survive this phase and that too by adding value to our present self to emerge with a smile when the shadows of gloom are lifted by the light of a normal tomorrow. 

At IASbaba, not a single day passes without the team members discussing ways to extend all possible help to the aspirants community. We are limited by what our domain as an organisation is but there is no limit to our passion for helping you in a time of crisis. We can’t save lives like the way doctors do but we can ensure that you join the civil services with our support and contribute towards the creation of an India that is not limited by the predicaments of a crumbling health infrastructure and lack of medicines. 

In the past couple of months, we have come up with a series of programs for the Prelims and Mains stages of the Civil Services Examination. All these programs (majority of them free of cost) combined provide a 360 degree solution to your preparation woes. These carefully curated programs are designed to keep you on your toes to ensure that you make full use of the ongoing lockdown. In this post, we are providing a snapshot of all the programs that will help you decide which one to follow:


  1. Rapid Revision (RaRe) Series 2021: A separate dedicated portal and an integrated program for Prelims and Mains to help you utilise the next 120 days, due to extension of exam dates by UPSC. For more information about the initiative Click Here.
  2. 60 Day Plan 2021: IASbaba’s Most Trusted Initiative for UPSC Prelims 2021 Click Here.
  3. TLP+ 2021 (Phase 1) Compilations: GS Mains Answer Writing Program Click Here.
  4. Brainstorming On Ethics And Essay (BEE):  By Sunil Oberoi Sir (Retd. IAS) – A Youtube Initiative! Each week, Oberoi Sir will take 3 sessions, two for Essay (Issue-based & Philosophical) and one for Ethics. Click Here.
  5. Connect with Baba – Hotline, Phone-a-Friend: A dedicated helpline that allows you to talk to IASbaba’s top mentors and clarify your preparation strategy doubts. For more information about the initiative Click Here.
  6. Weekend with Baba: A couple of hours on the weekends where Mohan Sir (Founder, IASbaba), IASbaba faculty, eminent personalities come live on Youtube to interact with and answer to your preparation queries. For more information about the initiative Click Here.
  7. Daily Current Affairs: An initiative aimed at upgrading your current affairs preparation where you can add immense value to your knowledge by investing minimal time. For more information about the initiative Click Here.


  1. Prelims Exclusive Program (PEP) 2021:‘One Stop Destination for Prelims Preparation’. It includes Discussion Classes, Strategy Classes, Hand-outs, Tests, Mentorship. For more information about the initiative Click Here.
  2. TLP+ 2021: A mentorship-based online answer writing initiative for Mains. For more information about the initiative Click Here.
  3. BABAPEDIA – Your ‘One Stop Destination for Current Affairs (Prelims + Mains)’. For more information Click Here.
  4. Integrated Learning Program (ILP) 2021: IASbaba’s most famous flagship initiative for UPSC. An integrated & Self-Study Program. For more information about the initiative Click Here.
  5. All India Prelims Test Series(AIPTS) 2021: A high quality test series for Prelims. For more information about the initiative Click Here. 
  6. IASbaba’s Foundation Course For Fresher’s 2022: A comprehensive mentorship-based online classroom programme for end to end preparation for the Civil Services Examination. For more information about the program Click Here. 
  7. Optional Test Series 2021 & Optional Foundation Course 2022: To Know More Information Click Here. 

You must understand a universally accepted framework for life and successtry to control only the controllable. You have no control over the way COVID situation will shape in the coming months but you do you have full control over the way you are going to spend your days in isolation. Please utilise these days to upgrade your knowledge and skills that will make you sail through the examination. While it is not easy, it is worth a try.

We understand that the times are tough. There is a possibility that you may have even lost your loved ones to the pandemic. Our heart goes for all the departed souls and we pray for their eternal peace. In this difficult phase of our life, we urge you to have patience and take all precautions. While there is nothing that can fill in the voids in our lives, we can at least ensure that we stay safe and healthy so that our friends and family can stay assured and calm. 

We are here for you in your journey, UPSC and real both. Feel free to get in touch if you need any guidance or support. 

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Stay safe, stay strong.

IASbaba Team

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