Current Affairs for IAS UPSC Exams 2016-2017

Current Affairs for IAS UPSC Exams 2017-2018

The Importance of Current Affairs in UPSC IAS examination is immense. IASbaba’s “Current Affairs for IAS UPSC Exams 2016-2017” analysis is a step towards simplifying the current issues and bring out the conceptual clarity on important issues.

About the initiative

Current Affairs for IAS UPSC Exams 2017-2018 | IASbaba


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  • Bilal Ahmad

    eagerly waiting for this initiative to start

    • Narinderpal Singh

      Yup brother. Great effort ..!! best of luck to these guys.

      • The initiative will be started very soon.

        Thank you Bilal and Narinderpal for your support 🙂

        • sonu talwar

          Hello ias baba,I have been following many websites.but,I never admired anyone..This is my first guys are awesome..thank you so much..

          • Thank You Sonu 🙂

            We are really happy to listen this from You 😀 Welcome to our community. Keep motivating us

          • sonu talwar

            Thank you very much..can you provide previous months important issues which is important to prelims..If you get time..

  • Abhik Jain

    Hello IASbaba,

    Eagerly waiting for this initiative, any updates on as to when you are going to begin?


    • Hello Abhik
      Sorry for the delay. We were stuck with some technical glitches. It will be started in one or two days. Stay connected 🙂

  • sunildas452

    Hello sir,
    Went through your monthly magazine. Amazing work done by you sir.It just helpful in revising in very short period of time. The issue which are not covered yet from Dec please covered in respective months also sir.
    Just a suggestion if you segregate question as per gs1,2,3,4. Might be very useful. And if possible after prelims start test series too for mains.

    • @sunildas452:disqus

      Thank You sunil. We are yet to start our initiatives. The Team is already working for all that you said. For prelims we are going to start Free Mock Tests on daily basis that will help you in Revising all the basic concepts as well as probable issues.

      For mains, you will get unique initiatives as well. Once we start our Daily News Analysis, end of the month a magazine will be provided that will take care of all the present as well as past issues important for this year Mains.

      Stay connected and spread the word so that other needy aspirants also get benefited 🙂

  • mvn

    Today I came across with ur great intellectual site. I am searching from long time for such type of informative site.

    Can you please cover the imp articles/issues as in your April magazine in every month from Dec 2014? It will be a great help to all the aspirants.

    • Thank you MVN..Sure we would be doing so! We have just started.Spread around the word for so that aspirants can make the best use of our resources and also can contribute .

  • Chandan Roy

    when you are going to start this DNA …………. me and my friends eagerly waiting ……………..

  • Akshay Kumar

    A good work specially for the working candidates who are in scarcity of time to go to the newspapers daily on regular basis

  • Ashutosh008

    From when it is going to be started ?

    • @Ashutosh008:disqus

      Today 🙂


    subscription email is not received in my email.plz sort out this email id is [email protected]

  • @ chandan

    Please check now. Is it working ?


      no its not working yet.i have checked my inbox ,no any msg

  • Nishant

    @ IAS Baba – I was trying to RSS your website. Not happening, can you look into it. Thanks

    • @disqus_SggYJtJjBR:disqus

      Thanks. Will look into it

  • pooja

    IAS baba a suggestion,
    When you have daily mains questions based on dynamic portion. Give a time frame of one or two days for students to answer and then select the best answer out of the lot and feature it on the respective answer. This will help in instilling competitiveness and people will take an initiative to answer

  • bishwajit

    Hello sir, ur work is truly fantabulous , great work… I have a request u can upload previous current affairs magazines … it will be helpful plzzz

    • @disqus_y6bDCjwCFB:disqus

      Thank You for the appreciation. We will cover important issues of past months in our next magazines and other initiatives focused on Mains and Prelims. 🙂 Don’t worry about that

  • Nikhitha Rao

    Thank you IASbaba. You made my life simpler ! You have no idea how much this will help us all. Amazing !
    Did the news analysis start from 23rd June or do you’l have older posts too? If there are older posts, please can you tell me how to access them? I am not able to view any analysis prior to 23rd June.
    Thank you once again !

    • @nikhitharao:disqus

      Thank You for the appreciation. We started on 23rd only. Welcome to IASbaba community 🙂

  • Pankaj Sahu

    Baba ji…Hindi Section of daily news analysis is not working… kindly check the issue.

    • @disqus_HrRLMEENMC:disqus

      Its working here. Click on the respective dates. Are you browsing through Mobile?

      • Pankaj Sahu

        Babaji …now working fine….thnx for quick response…great job!!!!

  • Anand Veeral

    I have been following your current affairs section daily . Will there be no current affairs on Sundays as there is no post today so far ?

    • @anandveeral:disqus

      Dude, we also need some rest. Not a big team. Secondly we are working on some surprising initiatives for you all. Wait and Watch 🙂

      All important issues of Sunday will be covered in the next day analysis. Do not worry 🙂

      • Anand Veeral

        Yeah , that’s pretty alright . Was just inquiring , not complaining ☺.
        But feel reassured to know that despite the break , u will still cover the imp issues next day .
        I am cent percent sure that what you would be working on would be immensely beneficial to all of us . So much so , that I have transitioned from my primary websites for prep to yours and made all others secondary references .

        More power to you !

        PS : I wonder how you are financing this free website . I hope you come up with some paid optional course too . Whatever it may be , I will be the first to pay up primarily to support you guys and secondarily, whatever it would be , I am sure would be worth its weight in gold .

        • @anandveeral:disqus

          Thanks for the trust buddy 🙂

          The intention behind this platform is to revolutionize the learning pattern. We are a small team but soon will be managing every single aspect so that there should not be any hiccup on part of quality, regularity and problem solving.

          Let us build it for the best of everyone 🙂

        • Prashasth Baliga

          The day , IASbaba will come with paid courses it will lose its charm(Please Dont keep any paid courses)….. seriously there are lot of poor aspirants all over the country and i believe this site is going to make a revolution. Good work. Hope to see IAS mains books to be referred and stratregy soon(waiting….)

          • Hi Prashanth! We are the with sole purpose of helping aspirants who otherwise become prey to paid websites (with lil value add) .Our decisions at all time will be in the best interests of the students! We promise on that!!

  • @All

    Sunday will be a Holiday for Current Affairs Analysis. Important articles will be covered on Monday if useful. Rest initiatives will run as planned.

    • Nirmal Agarwal

      iasbaba , if possible give subject wise imp chapters/topics for subjects which are vaguely defined in upsc syllabus .

      • bhawana

        Yes i would also like to know about this …

  • Path2Victory

    Awesome analysis….u guys rock…hats off to your efforts….

    • @path2victory:disqus

      Thank You so much 🙂

  • nitika bhatia

    before 23 june news pls…??????????/

  • Abhinav Sengar

    Great stuffs guys…. thanks a lot.

  • Raviraj Dodiya

    sir me aap ki is sahaytase se bahut hi aabhari hu sayad ye aapki pahli website he jo hindi me news anaysis provide karti he. me aapse binati karta hu ki roj aap hindi medium walo k liye news analysis kare.plz sir it’s a humble request to u sir.

  • Mohd Rafiq

    Sir, I am following your website only from 2-3 days, its an awesome work. Thanks a lot. Presently, I am a college student and preparing for the CSE 17-18. Do I need to devote some time for optional? As until then, optional may be removed from syllabus.

    • Welcome Rafiq

      For now, start basic preparation from NCERT. And read The Hindu daily at least for an hour. You should not worry about optional much, at least for now.

  • Pallavi

    Amazing initiative.
    Please host the strategies of CSE toppers who have cracked this coveted exam while working in the toppers section.It would be of immense help.

    • Thank You Pallavi.

      There is no one strategy that will lead to the success. It depends on personal competence. Though we as part of the fraternity will assure a much better way of doing it.

      IASbaba will come up with wholesome strategy for Mains, very soon. Also, we will try our best to give you personal guidance in Optionals with experts on the other side. You just need to be patient. Welcome to IASbaba 🙂

  • Raman Kumar

    This feature of ‘opening a new tab’ on clicking any current event link is very inovative. Saves a lot of time. Should add more features like these that alows smooth browsing of your website.

    • gaurav

      press control b4 click to open any link anywhere in new tab

  • Bhanu Pratap Barnwal

    sir Daily news analysis
    hindi me 24 june se phle ka nhi mil skta plz help me.

  • Draconian

    is todays current affairs published

    • With 10th July it will be published

  • Anand Veeral

    Will there be current affairs for 9th July ?

    • yes Anand

      It will be published with Today’s CA

      • Anand Veeral

        Thanks …


    Sunday will holiday but not for upsc so sir pls provide Sunday current affairs on Monday and why u not provide current affairs daliy to daily only in english why not daily in hindi….pls think

    • Didn’t you read that we will provide sunday’s articles on Monday?

      We are working for FREE and that too with such a small TEAM. Translation had some issues but we are trying to resolve it so that regular update should happen.

      Have patience as well as positive support 🙂 We are thinking much more than anyone else


        Sir, exam are near so provide daily current in hindi fast otherwise when u post after exam it’s not helpful

  • Happy Singh

    Ias babaji . daily current affairs Hindi me b upload kijiye pls.
    Dhanyawad. Keep it up.

  • Resurrect Saharan

    Baba Ji Please Revert The Sequence as Last updated should be on top!!
    The News Analysis is really good and helpful!

    • check now 🙂

      • Resurrect Saharan

        Thanks Sir!!!

  • Anand Veeral

    For PT 2015 , till what date should we follow the daily current affairs published you ?

    • We don’t think Daily Current Affairs will form a strong base for Prelims 2015. Practically speaking, its Prelims test that will help you more. Read it till the end just to maintain the momentum. Our CA is oriented towards Mains and developing understanding. But again you never know UPSC 🙂

  • sneha sonam

    Respected sir Plz give current afairs in hindi daily plz dont gap

  • Pragati Sharma

    Babaji , by what time of the day you generally upload the news analysis? i will synchronise myself according to it

  • SV


    • Don’t panic..leave coaching’s tests and do maximum revision in left days. In between solve our prelims tests (if it is of any help in revision). If you are uncomfortable with solving our tests, leave them also. Keep revising everything you have prepared and don’t go for new things at this stage.

      If you revise well, surely will do best in exam 🙂

  • Poorvaja Bhaskaran

    Babaji i am pursueing my b.e cse is it easy for me to become an IPS officer?????

    • Yes very easy provided you work hard

  • Manjunath M P

    Dear Babaji,


    Myself Manjunath M P, i have finished graduation in 2007 but i want to prepare IAS now, from A to Z can you guide on this, now i am 28 years can i start i am afraid because i am end at closure age please suggest can i start for preparation now.

    With Regards

    • Hi

      We will come up with a detailed plan for 2016. Wait for few more days 🙂 Yes you can.

  • suraj

    Your current affairs material is good one especially those questions and answers format,its good to grasp the main story,purpose of the article.thank you.

  • batman gautam

    sir notes hindi m b available kara do….. evs .eco or geo ke……..

  • legalbrain

    baba, couldn’t find the analysis for 15th Aug’ 15? Understanding that there will no edition for 16th, should we expect directly on 17th?

  • legalbrain

    Baba, many of us look up to your site for the quality of the information, however not finding the daily news analysis for the third b2b days is somewhat sad. (Not all of us in for the 2015 exams)..

    • Will be posted today. On sunday, we don’t post it. 15th- No major issue

      • apka chela

        sir, mains ke liye timetable kab daliyega … sir plzzz jaldi daliye….apka strategy ke bhrosa baitha hai main aur mere flatmates….sir p[lzz plzzz……..

  • preeti poonam

    ple hindi also max thinks in english ple hindi also sir.

  • Radhika Rani

    plz daily current affairs in Hindi..
    thank you

  • Vini

    sir, plz start a new initiative for 2016 aspirants as soon as possible so that we cn start preparing in a proper way.
    thank u….!!!

  • Maverick

    Your News Analysis articles are really help alot. But there is no analysis after 22nd aug.
    Sir when are you going to post News Analysis 22nd August onward ?


    Baba ji please sant me hindi medium news

  • Harsh Kanchan

    baba awaiting yesterday’s current affairs notes of 26th


    baba kam se kam News analysis and magazine based question answer post kiya jaye taki 2016 me labh mile.

    • 2016 aspirants should participate in TLP-2015 so as be updated with Current Affairs as well as keep a track on their preparation.



  • Rajshekhar

    Baba , we are waiting for News analysis of past few days….from 26th..
    Please do post the analysis…

  • mohan

    baba please update news analysis!

  • Billu

    baba kuch to bataiye ki yeh section kab update hoga .. aapke shishya intzaar main baithe hain .

    • Sorry for this. We were messed with very serious technical issues. Do not worry for this section. Every important issue will be covered irrespective of same day delay 🙂

  • Shweta patel

    still waiting for 26,27,28,29 &30……

  • sir please keep giving regularly… extremely helpful thank you so much

  • Trevias Azuis

    no update about Current affairs 🙂 waiting

  • sonu india

    Baba plz update this section, eagerly waiting for it

  • Manish Choudhary

    @iasbaba:disqus baba plz resume Daily CA section…..

  • Jagdish Soni

    baba why current affair stoped???

  • C Judo

    Thank You. 🙂

  • Manish Choudhary

    @iasbaba:disqus:one suggestion cum request:issue based CAs are good but it would be better if you provide us imp points or facts from daily news paper,it well greatly help in prelims.

    • Will take care of it very soon. We had this issue in our mind but because of work load couldn’t take this into consideration. It will be done soon

  • Shona

    Hello baba .firts of all thank you so much or all you efforts and support you all are doing a great job .this site is really a 1 stop destination for all upsc preparation.
    I want to ask a doubt i am reading hindu on daily basis but not making any notes from it relying on your daily news analysis pib and monthly magazine and have taking its printout on monthly basis is it enough for current affairs preparation …
    I am a fresher plzz guide baba …

    • Do read it for 30 minutes or an hour at least..then refer to our section…:-)

  • Rohit

    babaji when will you upload your ca magazine? please upload soon

    • its published….check in the magazine section

  • Shona

    Thanks baba .
    But what about hindu note making ..?? Shall i make notes from hindu or just only read it for concept clearing .

    • You can make as per your need

  • Nomit

    babaji thank you for your effort and support.
    I want to access daily news analysis for earlier period. Please guide.

    • Everything is available from when we started 🙂

  • shravan Mail

    will u give a compilation of whole daily current affairs at the end of the month??

    • have a look at our Monthly Magazine…it has your answer 🙂

      • shravan Mail

        thaankkkk u baba 🙂

  • Bhakt

    Gurudev Do I need to make notes from Hindu? or is it sufficient to read the paper and for future revision I can refer daily news analysis , as I am working professional and preparing for cse . Margdarshan kre Gurudev

    • No need to make notes…but you should read newspapers..our DNA is issue wise…for other stuffs reading newspapers is a must for awareness 🙂

  • Anil

    Baba is it necessary to read daily current news from above section………. or monthly compilation is sufficient….. I am working professional…Please Guide

    • If you do it daily..its best…you cannot digest months news in few days…try to do it daily…otherwise magazine is already at your desk 🙂

  • thevagabond85

    bhakton ….. In which of the days is Nagalim issue discussed….? any help

  • Anon_101

    Baba to make consolidated and succint notes from your DNA section. Right now i make notes from the Hindu on daily basis but this section is more focused on issues rather than news.
    Also just copying your entire article is a futile excersice as with each passing day this section is getting bigger and revision after an year will be impossible.
    How to go about this situation?

  • preeti poonam

    ple baba in hindi also…every day

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    plz .baba
    …..update daily news analysis in hindi……or one magzine formet at the end

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    @@iasbaba:disqus Baba one small request, if u can, kindly post current affairs analysis around evening as there are few aspirants like me who are waiting to complete baba’s current affairs and then go to bed 😛 🙂

  • Pragya Tanwar

    @iasbaba:disqus I have a query that this monthly magazine covers all the daily current affairs you provide or not?..i am unable to follow daily current affairs so i am relying on this monthly magazine.

  • चाचा चौधरी

    बाबा जी हिंदी वालों पर भी कृपा करो।

  • mharana pratap

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    Babaji a suggestion from my side.. If possible, kindly add 2 blank pages at the end of daily current events as we can add important points ( regarding suggested articles ) there only. Helping students to keep compiled notes.

  • akkib89

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    • Jarvis

      Convert the PDF to word online
      It’s an easy task…
      Let baba focus on other things.
      Just a suggestion

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    • Thanks Vishakha

      Its yet to start…wait for regular updates 🙂

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      • vishakha

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    If possible post “daily questions on current affairs” for practice.

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    [email protected]

    [email protected]

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    • No resources for it right now. We are looking for it. Hopefully we get committed people to work with

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  • sahil

    sir i have always ignored reading the newspaper and now i feel i made a big mistake.. as current affairs plays a major roll …….sir i know this is not an intelligent question but if i start reading the news paper from 12 dec 2015 can i make current affairs work to my advantage in ias paper…2016

    • Start from now on and be regular. Its all about regularity. You can do it advantageously

  • divyadeepak

    sir i have not read ncert and wants appearing in 2016 so what should be my stratgey


    sir i have not read ncert and wants appearing in 2016 so what should be my stratgey

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    Hi all, decided to do this after 6 months of civils preparation

    Kindly share it,if you think it’s worthy 🙂

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    Baba ji,
    1 request, could u please mention the source along with the news analysis as u use to give earlier.
    I am fan of this site, very comprehensive analysis 🙂
    Keep up the good work.

    • Hi

      Its not possible since we refer many sources to analyse whole issue and then jot it in our own way. It will be an overkill for many since we already provide Must Read Articles to be read by choice.

      • Rajni Saxena

        thanks 🙂 🙂

  • nitin kumar

    baba 30&31st dec. 2015 current event analysis has not been added….when will be aded?

  • IAS_1

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    we are waiting for your materials…

  • srinivas reddy

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    • Its been published regularly.
      Clear the cookies and please check once again.

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    • Its already uploaded. Clear the cookies and check it again.

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        Sir, please consider posting prelims questions on Current affairs on daily basis. It will be useful.

  • Powerpufgurl

    Baba, haven’t received feed from last 3 days.

    • Radha

      I also did not receive feeds from few days… Babaji kindly help. I do not want to miss any update on ur site.

  • ram

    babaji but what about 16 january 2016 daily current affair analysis….baba m fully depending on ur website…pls make it available…

  • Lucky Eddie

    Thanks lot Babaji…..

  • Ashwini

    Plz help me now,one account hai
    Test series road to mussuri ,ek account pe kitne student login kar sakte hai

    • Only one student can log in.

  • rajiv

    nothing after 21 ?????

    • Clear your cache and history. Everything is updated

  • ravi gupta

    sir,kya currant affairs hindi medium main bhi available hain?

  • Vajrasattva

    wt abt 30th jan CA?

  • Ahilya Ashmica

    hi sir can i get the current affair from 1 june 2015 to 23 june 2015

  • ravi

    baba ji apne hindi me current affairs kyo band kar diya. aise kya dusmani ho gyi achanak

  • Rohit Dalia

    I am preparing for this August UPSC exams and so for the same I need current affairs for the whole year.
    Can I be provided with any help please?

  • Thesuperman

    Babaji 3rd to 8th Feb current affair analysis link missing in the site… please check and resolve.


  • Hi

    Clear the cache and Cookies of your system to access the recent updates of Current Affairs.

    All the daily updates are posted on time.

    • Ram mishra

      Thnku baba ji bt हिंदी माध्यम के student’s ki help kr do..plzzzzzzz बाबा जी

  • crazy_monad

    anyone have compilation of daily news analysis, if yes then please post or send link to me.

    • Refer to Monthly Magazine. It is also a compilation of Daily Current Affairs (Topic Wise)

  • Sunny Soni

    baba pls rply…….. i am preparing in hindi…. mere liye ye hindu ya indian express ke article bahut tough ho jata hai padna …. google converter ar jake padna… kafi time waste hota hai……. kya me sirf apke diye hue daily current affair aur baki yogna aur kurukshetra se kar lu to kya sufficient hoga…. um making notes for TLP is well ….. to tlp, current affair ko hindi me convert karke notes banane ke baad itna time nahi bachta ki hindu ya indian express ke article bhi convert karu……… baba iska zawab zarur de dena

    • Yes more than enough dear

  • ragini singh

    Ias baba current affairs hindi me bhi post kijiye plz


    HI BABAJI , i am new to ur website so can u pls suggest me from when(i.e which date) to follow current affairs for PRELIMS 2016

    • Follow from August 2015 onwards



  • SBM
  • ILP- KUNA3885 (thevagabond85)

    Hi I was wondering if You could just put certain keyword in front of the link e.g. 8th April 2016 [Panama Papers + Patent issue]
    Won’t it be easy to look/search in all.

  • Funtastic Facts

    Howdy IAS Aspirants, I have written an script to download all 10 editions The Hindu Epaper free pdf. You can also download the the daily editorials page only basically for The IAS aspirants. Infact you can download hindu newspaper of any back date as far as they are available in the Hindu database. do click on this link

  • Strongking

    Hello baba ! Want to ask that the content of daily current and monthly magazine r same word to word or its consice format??

  • Vinoth kumar M

    why don’t u publish on sunday news paper current affairs & week days editorials ? what is mean i didn’t get u baba, would u reply me ?

    • Hi

      Sunday is the only Holiday for Baba 🙂

      • Vajrasattva

        BABA kindly check yesterday’s Q 18 solution. East India Association was founded in 1866 London by Dadabhai Naoroji….. Please rectify it.

  • Umashankar Sharma

    does anyone have whole current affairs from june 2015 till dec 2015
    please upload them in one zip

  • Prathiksha Kini

    @iasbaba:disqus I did clear my cookies and cache. But still unable to access current affairs of today!

  • Avril Lavigne

    Tribes of india

  • Crazy Bug

    Congratulations Baba……. thanks for your help….. 🙂 🙂


    Mind-Maps with the Current Affairs would be really helpful. It shouldn’t be stopped. Please.

  • Siddharth Shukla

    Sir, please update on current affairs on App too similar to website .


    Mind maps Should be made an inevitable part of this series. Please it is really helpful as after reading the entire topic one can see the Mind Map and can remember properly.

  • Dhiraj singla

    1 july nahi august hai baba

  • soujanya pininti

    HI, Baba Iam new to your website.Is the daily current affairs and monthly magazine topics are same,and to write exam in 2017 june 18 prelims from when should i follow current affairs please reply sir

    • Yes, it is better if you follow. It will be useful for both Prelims and Mains 2017, also for personality test.

  • rahul shevroy

    Is ILP 2017 offered at a discount to ILP 2016 students?

  • Anas Aloor

    When will the the 18-08-2016 News Paper analysis will be arrive..?

  • ashutosh jaiswal

    Why the link of 18 /8/16 not working?
    This is not cool

  • Peeyush

    Could anybody please clarify . Is it sufficient to download Baba’s monthly magazine rather than downloading Daily News Analysis (DNA) ? Is content the same ? However, I read The Hindu and Chronicle regularly. I am a newcomer. Please suggest.

    • kaira

      babji covers almost important news then y to worry and hinu is still important which we continue in parallel so this combo is enough.

      • anoosha

        iasbaba should start magazine compilation of important issue.

        • junaid

          dont forget the hindu it is the most important thing till all the stages are cleared.

    • shantanu


    • jasmin


      • Sumitha Poduval

        Hey should we read Hindu also along with the dna of this website or reading the articles mentioned in the dna will be sufficient ?



  • Narinder singh

    If any body have world history l mukherjee pdf bot or single books pdf then plzz send me a humble request to all
    [email protected]

  • Surchandra Kayenpaibam

    Sir…i want to take Physics as my optional paper.So,can you suggest me for this on regads to scoring
    ,availability,syllabus and so on.Please guide me if you have some idea about this………..

  • Chandrasekhar Das

    GREAT job Babaji….keep gaining grounds at a time when your competitor is sleeping….i mean INSIGHTS !

  • Mukesh Kumar

    HII Babajee,
    2017 main k liye current affair dec 16 k baad ka current affair pdhna chahiye ya aaj hi e?
    Avi daily prelim tet bala current affair pdh rha hoo?
    kripya jarur jabab dijiyega…it ill be very helpful for me.

  • Antesh Bharadwaj

    Read The Hindu, The Indian Express, Livemint and many other newspapers on mobile for IAS preparations. Newsdash application delivers the newspapers on your mobile daily which can be read for free and offline. Download link

  • Subhajeet Chakraborti

    I have a question, the monthly magazine is a compilation of Daily News Analysis or do they have to be studied separately? I have started preparation from September and am finding it very difficult to keep up with current affairs from June, July and August. Can anyone please suggest a proper way to deal with current affairs without compromising on core subjects preparation?

  • sudheer kumar


    watch his inspirational video

  • Good morning anthropology lovers 🙂

    welcome to the world of ANTHROPOLOGY, walk in and experience the difference 🙂

    just click on the link 😉

    keep writing and reviewing, lets a make a difference in the way of preparing anthropology.!!

    its day 6 ..!!! don’t delay ur success… all the very best 🙂

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    crack ias in first attemt by abdul kalam

  • Praveen J

    Pls why don’t you put this in pdf daily so that I can study offline too… pls help

  • rani

    Baba why you not post in hindi ? You have a any problem about our national language ?

    • You lack reasoning power. It is because of lack of sustaining resources not because of language. Grow up!

      • Rishabh Sareen

        Hello IASbaba..just a small query. How do i access mindmaps on the website? I mean everyday along with daily current affairs you post some mind maps. But they are not included in the monthly magazine nor did I find any link to directly access them. I would be highly obliged if you can direct me to the archives of mindmaps as I feel its a wonderful feature and has really helped me improve.

      • PModi

        Please avoid condescending language. People have all types of questions in India. Show respect towards others even if their views might irritate you.

    • derp

      we don’t have a ‘national language’ 😀

    • Pavan

      You don’t even know that India doesn’t have a National language? And you are preparing for IAS? And with that arrogance, you will never get selected even after 100 years. Go get some peon job in a bank.

      • Amiya

        be a bit respectful to others sir :). Someones ignorance doesn’t entitle you to speak in such haughty manner.

  • Anakin Skywalker

    Hello sir,
    We are waiting for the updates on current affairs daily sir. I personally am dependent on IAS Baba’s CA daily updates. Last one updated is of 11th November, 2016. Kindly look into the same. Thanking you.


  • Abhishek Singh

    Hello,IASbaba Team
    i’m wondering why 11th and 12th november C.A is not available…? if you can upload that will be very helpfull….thank you for your effort guys

  • gyan

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    • gyan

      reply to test

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    from which month i should study current affair .target ias 2017.

  • Farhaan Umer

    Hi Baba. It keeps on coming to the fore how IAS aspirants have to deal with the Economics as an integral subject of the preparation stream, and how it is a headache for those of the Non-Economics background. Since most Current Affairs and Policy making is economics related, can you please suggest some books that can help us understand the basic economics related to the aforementioned. What are your other suggestions for it.
    Please do reply.

  • Ashish

    Is baba’s editorial compilation available and monthly magazine what contains editorial mean all from business line,livemint all…..which initiatives compilation available share link please thanks in advance seniors

  • Nishant

    baba yeh centre wala space bahut kum hai ,
    you should increase this readable area and taper the side lanes of other posts .


    Sir, though this question doesn’t make sense, please let me know for which period I have to revise the current affairs for cse prelims 2017.

    • Chaitanya Chandra



        Is it sufficient

        • Chaitanya Chandra

          More than enough for Prelims.
          Not enough for mains though.

  • Abhishek

    I want to sell my vision IAS mains test series seat, if interested call at this no 8287214598

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    best laptops

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    hindu- -

  • IAS

    for hindu&indian exp—

  • Ujjwal Gupta

    baba plz tell one thing is your daily news analysis and monthly different or same

  • Rohan Thorat

    Baba can you provide a compile version of indian economy for prelims

  • Rajendra Meena

    very good quality daily current affairs. thanks babaji

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    How can I search for content on your site?..there’s no search bar

  • gkduniya

    Visit The page is updated regularly and only important points are included.

  • Samadhan Gaikwad

    Please share the downloads links for all current affairs so that one can download it in bulk and read it.

  • ಏಕಲವ್ಯ

    Baba please upload DNA of 10th and 11th.

  • Rehansh

    Baba g plzz upload current affairs of 10th 11th April. It is immensely beneficial initiative plzz upload regularly..thnkew

  • Himanshu2606

    I am a working Professional and I keep on waiting for your 2 Issues under DNA section till start of my day. But, unfortunately even today i.e. 18/05/2017, I am still waiting for the issues of 17/05/2017. Being in Service, it is impossible for me to read many sources, therefore I trust your content for thorough analysis of issues. There might be a possibility that I am unaware of the complexities in site management and over demanding for the same.

    I hope the issue will be addressed. Your response will be highly appreciated.

  • Uuth Chala

    guys anyone send link of indian polity by laxmikant . [email protected]

  • jamalia mohammed

    pls upload 4th and 11th june current affairs

  • Hi

    No update on Sundays.

    Clear the cache and Cookies of your system to access the recent updates of Current Affairs.

    All the daily updates are posted on time.

  • raghu

    please upload current affairs of 3, 4 july

  • Lavanya

    Please upload current affairs of 3rd july

  • Siddharth Rathore

    Guys 7th july is not uploaded. I have cleared the cookies, yet no update.

  • Siddharth Rathore

    Guys, you are now erring on the line of unprofessionalism. The website is not being updated regularly and it forces the aspirant to switch to your competitors. Forum IAS , insights IAS and IAS parliament are able to put up daily updates, if not for the summary, just update the links of various articles which we need to study.

  • Rahul Ahirwar

    how long is the ILP programme. how many months does it take to complete.

  • Hfor himanshu

    Hello ias baba.
    Could you please tell me ?
    Current affairs for the 2018 prelims from Jul2017-Jun2018?

  • Avijeet Rathsharma

    Hi Baba, could you please post the Current affairs regularly. There is no proper time when you update it and on few days also there no updates even though you’d be eagerly waiting for it. Please take care of it to maintain the consistency

  • Jaskaran

    Babaji, It has been 2 days and daily news analysis has not been updated.

  • tanisa

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  • Siddharth Rathore

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  • Abhijeet

    no update after 4th aug !!

  • Mitesh Pant

    Dear Baba, I follow a strict routine and I daily I am quite looking out for your DNA as part of ILP which I have joined, but is there an approximate time I should look out at this place ?
    I am sorry for being so nasal here, but actually I am a working person and I read at night for 6-8 hours so need to plan every thing


    Respected IAS BABA, Could you send me link for new ncert book for upsc?…kindly help me sir.

  • Ramadevi Aravapally

    Dear baba,i am ilp2018 student ,I did not get my account some problem arising please give me the solution,last three days I am unable to open my profile.please .

  • M Shivaraj

    Anybody with philosophy optional subject can contact 897132 5132 for group study.

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  • sanchita ghosh roy

    where is the daily news analysis for 29th and 30th sep?

  • Ujjwal Gupta

    babaji DNA is not being upload since 4 days…
    Plz upload it

  • He-MAN

    DNA not uploaded baba

  • bunny

    DNA after 28?

  • Chakrapani Challa


  • Shyam Singh

    Baba please update the DNA as it is hampering daily schedule

  • prajwal

    Hello IASBaba,
    It’s 6 days since no issue/DNA been uploaded. You please let us know the reason for not uploading and how long it is going to continue. It’s not just hampering daily schedule but also creating uncertainty about preparation.

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